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Music From The Glen
Sunday September 25th, 2011 with Gord Peeling
Interview with Tim Eriksen

Tim Eriksen and Peter Irvine join MFTG in the studio for an interview touching on Cordelia's Dad/punk to sacred harp and the recent releases of Tim.
The Cumberland and the Merrimac
Tim Eriksen - Every Sound Below - Appleseed
Careless Love
Tim Eriksen - Northern Roots Live in Namest - Indies Scope
Granite Mills
Cordelia's Dad - Double Live - self New
Every Sound Below
Tlim Eriksen - Every Sound Below - Appleseed
End of interview with Tim Eriksen
Hebertisme Nocturne
Les Poules a Colin - Hebertisme Nocturne - self Canadian New
An Acre of Land
Pete Coe - In Paper Houses - Backshift
Big Sciota
Maire Ni Chathasaigh & Chris Newman - Fire Wire - Old Bridge
Shanty Boy
kate Bramley - Little Canaan - Tantobie
Homage a Pitou Boudreault
Philippe Bruneau - Au Symposium de Levis - Tout Crin Canadian
Mayor Harrison's Fedora
The Press Gang - The Press Gang - self New
Reel de Windsor Mills
Tidal Wave (Raz de Maree) - Marche du St Laurent - self Canadian
The Red Haired Man's Wife
Brozman, McSherry & O'Connor - Six Days in Down - Riverboat
The Wife of Usher's Well
Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner - Tickled Pink - Wild Goose
Shady Grove
Michael Ayles - Over The Bridge - Existential Angst Canadian
Ned of the Hill
Celia Ramsay - Songs of My Father's People - self New
Nell's Song
The Once - The Once - Borealis Canadian
Potato/ Threatre
Andy Cutting - Andy Cutting - Lane Records