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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday September 18th, 2011 with Colin Henein
Finds from CFMA

The Canadian Folk Music Awards sent over many boxes of Canadian CDs. This show is primarily the result of trolling through the boxes looking for material of interest to Music from the Glen listeners.
The tale time told
Emilyn Stam - Holding Time - Self Canadian
Tamsyn's polka / Polka à Brian / Iceberg
Pierre Schryer - Mélange - New Canadian Canadian
La chasse aux Pékans
Les chauffeurs à pieds - Partons allons - Scorbut Canadian
Three Fishers
The once - III - Self Canadian
Dan Hughie & Buddy Jigs
Rachel Davis - Rachel Davis - Self Canadian
Fareweel tae Tarwathie
Enoch Kent - I'm a rover - Second Ave Canadian
C'est ben dommage / Le plancher croche
De temps antan - À l'année - Self Canadian
The british press / Miss Hog of Newliston's reel / Lady Chatherine Pelhams reel / We'll aye gang back to yon town / Let me in this ae night / Miss Grace Speirs of Elderslie's reel
Chris Norman / David Greenberg - Let me in this ae night - Boxwood Canadian
Cape Breton Set
Tread - Live from Matt Molloy's - Self Canadian
Galope à Jean-Louis
Frank Sears - L'Anche à deux cordes - Self Canadian
Le cheval de son maître
Fred et Nicolas Pellerin - Fred et Nicolas Pellerin - Tempête Canadian
Quarts de clous / Burlesco
Les Tireux d'Roches - Cé Qu'essé - Self Canadian
Carnival March / Clan Renald's March
Karrnell & Daniel Kouiack - Fiddle & banjo - Self Canadian
Ireland's Green shore
Tim O'Brien - The crossing - Alula
Sweet sixteen
June Tabor and Oysterband - Ragged kingdom - Topic New
The Sheffield apprentice
Martin Simpson - Purpose and grace - Topic New
Rochdale coconut dance
Spiers & Boden - The works - Navigator New