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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday November 22nd, 2020 with Colin Henein and Gord Peeling

Canadian tracks to start the show, then a couple of sets from Gord Peeling and finally some new releases to end things off. Lots of music this week after funding drive!
Starting the show with Canadian tracks
Piegan Mountain
Eric Wright / Mairi Rankin - The cabin sessions - Self Canadian
Finale #1
The Fitzgeralds - The Fitzgeralds - Self Canadian
Jack the jolly tar
Finest Kind - Silks and spices - Fallen angle Canadian
The jaws of Angus
Quinn Bachand / Haley Richardson - When the wind blows high and clear - Self Canadian
Musique à bouches - L'habit de plumes - Sacapus Canadian
Jigue de pointe: Sapin / Moll in the wad / Lucky trappers
The lumber Jills - The lumber Jills - Self Canadian
Hommage à Jean Desgagné / La grande gigue simple
Sophie & Fiacra / André Marchand - Portraits - Self Canadian
Special guest Gord Peeling's two sets begin
Lovely Armoy
Malinky - Handsel - Greentrax
Ollie King - Gambit - Rootbeat
The maid of seventeen
Damien O'Kane - Areas of high traffic - Pure
Le cotillion du capitaine
Le vent du nord - Territoires - Borealis Canadian
Dillard Chandler
Martin Simpson - Trails and Tribulations - Topic
The three friends
Hedy West - Untitled - Fledg'ling
Le carillion
Alex Chartrand / Nicolas Babineau - Gigues à 2 faces - Self Canadian
Seven little gypsies
Ye Vagabonds - The hare's lament - River Lea
Ending the show with (relatively) new releases
Chaidil mi a-raoir air an airigh
Rachel Newton - To the awe - Shadowside
Call the storm
Fay Hield - Wrackline - Topic
Black dog
Shooglenifty - Acid croft, vol. 9 - Self
Sweet Thames flow softly
Jon Boden and the remnant kings - Rose in June - Hudson
Interactive CKCU
Lovely selection of music this morning, and always a pleasure hearing Gord on the airwaves.

2:40 PM, November 22nd, 2020
Thanks Ed!

6:08 PM, November 22nd, 2020