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Music From The Glen
Sunday July 19th, 2020 with Colin Henein
Songs and tunes for summertime

No need for any theme today, so packing the show with songs and tunes in honour of it being summer, hot out, and just generally wanting to have a good time!
Rose in June
Jon Boden & The remnant kings - Rose in June - Hudson New
Y deryn du
Cynefin - Dilyn Afon - Astar Artes New
The great iron screw
Seth Lakeman - A pilgrim's tale - BMG New
Egyptian princess
The servant's ball - The servant's ball - D.Wink New
Green man
Nettlebone - Revel and rhyme New
Le casse-reel à Aimé Gagnon / Le reel modal / Les rois
Sophie & Fiachra - Portraits - Self Canadian
Tune for Garth Kempster
Haley Richardson / Quinn Bachand - When the wind blows high and clear - Self Canadian
Fleur de Mandragore / Berthier-Sur-Mer
Adam Dobres / Pierre Schryer - Mandorla - Self Canadian
PEI set
The Fitzgeralds - The Fitzgeralds - Self Canadian
Hidden view
Mairi Rankin / Eric Wright - The cabin sessions - Crooked cove Canadian
Turtle Island String Quartet - Skylife - Windham Hill Jazz
Don't back down
The small glories - Assiniboine & the Red - Red House Canadian
J'aime le vin
Musique à bouches - L'habit de plumes - Self Canadian
On Humber Bank
Ben Walker (ft. Laura Ward) - Echo - Folkroom
Country cable
The East Pointers - Yours to break - Self Canadian
Ies Muller / David Munnely - Detached - Appel New
Fire under the bridge
Pons Aelius - Fire under the bridge - Self New
JMD 134
Super parquet - Super parquet - Pagans
Interactive CKCU
Mary Gick
Enjoying your musical selections Colin.

12:38 PM, July 19th, 2020
Thanks Mary!

4:25 PM, July 19th, 2020