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Music From The Glen
Sunday January 7th, 2018 with Gord Peeling & Ed Kingscote
A look back at 2017 releases

The challenge with deciding on your favourite releases of 2017 is that there is always a certain number of 2016 releases that I got my hands on only in 2017 and sometimes quite late in the year. Hence, we will start today's program with some late bloomers from 2016! There are only a few duplicates with Colin's choices of last week and I will only get to those if there is time at the end of the program.
Katie Catch
Fay Hield & the Hurricane Party - Old Adam - Soundpost '16
The White Hare
Rum Ragged - Rum Ragged - Self '16 Canadian
Tunes with Johnny D
Alexis MacIsaac & Calum MacKenzie - The Bay Street Sessions - Self '16 Canadian
The Cruel Mother
Rosie Hood - The Beautiful & The Actual - RootBeat '16
Prince Heathen
The Furrow Collective - Wild Hog - Hudson '16
Here's Adieu to Old England
John Kirkpatrick - From Here (various) - From Here '16
Boipera/Rainshadow Reel
Andy Hillhouse - Passages - Fiendish '17 Canadian New
The Butcher's Boy
Kronos Quartet (ft Natalie Merchant) - Folk Songs - Nonesuch '17 [v] New
Cup of Tea/The Wise Maid
The Trousers - EP - Self '17 Canadian
Davy Cross
Melrose Quartet - Dominion - Self '17
Slangpolska Pour Une Auvergnate
The Rheingans Sisters - Already Home - Rootbeat '15
Brisk Lad
The Young'Uns - Another Man's Ground - Self '15
Squire of Tamworth
Cupola:Ward - Bluebell - Betty Beetroot Records '16
All the Salt in the Sea
Arrowsmith Robb Trio - Unreleased live recording - 2017
The River Driver
Matthew Byrne - Horizon Lines - Self '17 Canadian
Humours of Tulla
The Hut People - Routes - Fellside '17
Grands pieds/Reel a quatre
Nicolas Babineau & Alexis Chartrand - Gigues a 2 Faces - Self '17 Canadian New
Derry Gaol
The Jeremiahs - The Femme Fatale of Maine - Self '17
Ollie King - Diffractions - Self '17
Interactive CKCU
Gord Peeling (host)
Arrowsmith Robb Concert is January 21st at the Rosemout Hall. More information and tickets

12:41 PM, January 7th, 2018