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Music From The Glen
Sunday July 25th, 2010 with Colin Henein

Full tilt / Carnegie Halls Jig
Mairearad Green - Passing places - Buie New
Rowley Burn / The piper in the well
Andy May - The yellow-haired laddie - Fellside New
Harry Enfield's Waltz / String Quartet
English Rebellion - Four Across - Wildgoose New
Mad family
Fay Hield - Looking glass - Fellside New
Pound a week rise
The demon barbers - Captain Ward - Self New
Boston Burglar
Eliza Carthy / Norma Waterson - Gift - Topic New
Deio i Dywyn / Scot Erin Reel
Allan Yn Y Fan - Trosnant - Steam Pie New
The wife's lamentation
Marianne Green - Dear Irish boy - Self New
The blue eyed stranger / Goddesses / Mrs. Casey
The Askew sisters - Through lonesome woods - Wildgoose New
Hogan's Lake
O.J. Abbott - Classic Canadian Songs [VA] - Smithsonian Folkways Canadian
Eppie Morrie
Colette Cheverie - Hours before dawn - Self Canadian
The Jigstrareel Set
Chrissy Crowley - The departure - Self Canadian New
The hut people - Home is where the hut is - Fellside New
The bold Granadee / Jack's alive
Tim Laycock - Sea strands - Wildgoose New
Helen O' Kirkconnel
Wendy Weatherby - A shirt of silk or snow - Fellside New
Byker Hill
The imagined village - Empire and love - ECC New
The Rampage
Mairearad Green / Anna Massie - Mairearad & Anna - Shouty New
Super off beat return
Urban Folk Quartet - The urban folk quartet - Fellside New