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Music From The Glen
Sunday August 1st, 2010 with Gord Peeling

Ted Russell - Tales From Pigeon Inlet - Pigeon Inlet Canadian
Song for Roger
Celtic Fiddlers - The Sea in Our Eyes - self Canadian
A dix heures a St. Vincent
Pennou Skoulm - Tinkan - Innacor
Cape Breton Reel
Arnaud Ciapolino & Roland Conq - En Concert - Coop Breizh
The Lark in the Morning
Craig, Morgan & Robson - Hummingbird's Feathers - Reiver
The Wagoner's Lad
Sarah McQuaid - I Won't Go Home 'til Morning - self
Female Rambling Sailor
The Love Hall Tryst - Songs of Misfortune - Appleseed
Pique la baleine
La Gaule de Bois - Chants Marins - Oreil
Sailors By Choice
Jim Payne & Fergus O'Byrne - How Good Is Me Life! - Singsong Canadian
Titanic Queenstown
Jimmy Crowley - The Coast of Malabar - Free State
Fire Marengo
John Jones - Rising Road - Westpark
Hardiman the Fiddler
Davy Graham - The Complete Guitarist - SGGW
Sailing Off to Yankee Land
Karen Casey & John Doyle - Exiles Return - Compass New
Ooh, Pierre!
Rua MacMillan - Tyro - Greentrax New
The Bloody Gardener
Gulliver's Spree - The Sunny Long Ago - self Canadian
An Phis Fluich
The Unwanted - Music From The Atlantic Fringe - Compass
Cailini Deasa Mhuighas
Dual - Dual - Machair
Ye Ramblin' Boys of Pleasure
Rik Barron & Dave Panting - Old Dogs New Tricks - self Canadian
The Springhill Mining Disaster
Pauline Scanlon - Red Colour Sun - Compass
Billy In the Lowgrounds
Stefan Grossman - Thunder on the Run - SGGW