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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday June 15th, 2014 with Gord Peeling
Battle of Waterloo/Father's Day

It is the 199th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo this week and this is also Father's Day - good reasons to celebrate with good music.
Pretty Fair Maid
Sam Amidon - fRoots 36 (various) - fRoots '11
The Drummer Boy For Waterloo
Pete & Chris Coe - Game of All Fours - Highway '79 (v)
The Bonny Light Horseman
Dolores Keane & John Faulkner - Broken Hearted I'll Wander - Green Linnet '79 (v)
The Battle of Waterloo
The Critics Group - Waterloo-Peterloo - Argo '68 (v)
Boney Was a Warrior
The Critics Group - Waterloo-Peterloo - Argo '68 (v)
The Plains of Waterloo
Crows - No Bones or Grease - Dragon '88 (v)
Napoleon's Lamentation
Nic Jones - Nic Jones - Highway '71 (v)
The Bonny Bunch of Roses
Crows - No Bones or Grease - Dragon '88 (v)
The Pompalarie Jig
John Kirkpatrick - Every Mortal Place - Fledg'ling '12
Bold Nelson
Matthew Byrne - Hearts & Heroes - self '14 Canadian New
The Death of Nelson
Melrose Quartet - Fifty Verses - self '13
Boney's Defeat/Bonaparte's Retreat
Brian Peters & Jeff Davis - Sharp's Appalachian Collection - Pugwash '13
My Old Man
James Keelaghan - Road - Jericho Beach '98 Canadian
The Broken Pledge
Tommy McCarthy & Louise Costello - Grace Bay - self '14 New
Elle Attend Tout l'temps
Galant Tu Perds Ton Temps - Soyez Heureux - La Tribu '13 Canadian
Rounding the Horn
The Full English - The Full English - Topic '13
Shores of the Bay
Poor Angus - Gathering - Borealis '13 Canadian
Lady Isabel
Lauren McCormick - On Bluestockings - Wild Goose '12
When I First Stepped In a Canoe
Shelley Posen - Roseberry Road - Well Done Music '14 Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Gord Peeling (host)
A celebration of the Battle of Waterloo and Father's Day today!

11:46 AM, June 15th, 2014
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