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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday June 8th, 2014 with Colin Henein
Mostly Canadian

Martin's set
Kiérah - Stonemason's daughter - Self Canadian
Reel du séminariste et de l'apothicaire
Hurlevent - Hurlevent - SRI Canadian
Yellow coat
Mary Jane Lamond / Wendy MacIsaac - Seinn - Turtlemusik Canadian
Turn of the tide
Ayita - Single - Tentsmuir
William Taylor
Hannah James / Sam Sweeney - State and Ancientry - RBR
Lord Douglas
Jim Moray - Skulk - NIAG
The beggar
James Findlay - Another day, another story - Fellside
Roseberry Road
Shelley Posen - Roseberry Road - Well Done Canadian New
Slipping into four
Maxim Cormier - 2 - Self Canadian New
Reel carrefour / L'archet fantôme / Reel à Joseph / Éolie
Pierre Schryer - Mélange - Self Canadian
Les amants du Saint-Laurent
Le vent du nord - Les amants du Saint-Laurent - Self Canadian
The night they moved the house
Ten strings and a goat skin - Corbeau - Self Canadian
Cynically stealthy
Troy MacGillivray - Tune Poets - Self Canadian New
La fougue des fées
Vishtèn - Mosaik - Self Canadian
The diggers / Cotillon
Blowzabella - Strange News - Self
Le Pommeau
Genticorum - La Bibournoise - Self Canadian
The ranger
Seth Lakeman - Word of mouth - Honour Oak Canadian New