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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday June 4th, 2006 with Colin Henein

Missing the F in C / Shindigo Jig / The end of Winter
Jiig - Jiig - fallen angle Canadian
La rivière
Nicholas Williams - The crooked river - self Canadian
Deux Saisons - La Grande Virée - self Canadian
The King George medley
Natalie and Buddy MacMaster - Traditional music from cape breton island - landwash Canadian
The maple leaf forever
Finest Kind - Silks and Spices - Fallen Angle Canadian
Peggy McGee's / Sparks Street / The Blasted Oak
Frank Cassidy / James Stephens - Thomas D'Arcy McGee - McGee Music Canadian
The kid on the mountain
Barde - Images - Polydor Canadian
Il a tiré sa claire épée
Les charbonniers de l'enfer - Wô - la tribu Canadian
Tickle Cove Pond / Kissing Dance
Greg T. Brown / Jeremy Keddy - Trees - Prentice Boy Canadian
Genticorum - Malins Plaisirs - roues et archets Canadian
Paddy Fahey's / The Road to Lisdoonvarna / Comb your hair and curl it
Grit Laskin - Six strings north of the border volume 3 - borealis Canadian
Chanson démodée
Madrigaïa - Pleiades - self? Canadian
Scotty MacMillan's G Minor Jig
Jean Hewson - Six strings north of the border volume 1 - borealis Canadian
The pipe on the hob / An gun's T-Apron
Écosse - The Auld Alliance - glenashdale Canadian
William O'Brian
Shelley Posen - The Old Songs' Home - well done Canadian
Le vent du nord - Les amants du st. laurent - borealis Canadian
When I first came to caledonia
Martin Gould and Deborah Quigley - Eponymous - self Canadian
Bonnie Kate / The cuckoo's nest
Frank Maher - Mahervelous! - borealis Canadian
The Honeysuckle Hornpipe / The Dancing Strathspey / Jenny Dang the Weaver / The Randy wife of greenlaw / Crossing the Minch
The Cottars - Forerunner - Rounder Canadian