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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday June 11th, 2006 with Colin Henein
Sarah Burnell

Begone Dull Care
James Raynard - Strange Histories - Unearthed
The knock on the door / Cooley's Reel / Sally Gardens
John Kirkpatrick / Chris Parkinson - The sultans of squeeze - Fledg'ling
Silver Dagger
Solas - Reunion - Compass
Shallow Brown
Tony Hall - Free Reed: This label is not removable. - Free Reed
Cambridge Set
The Bills - Let 'em run - Borealis Canadian
Teasin the Frets
Marc Atkinson Trio - Eponymous - self Canadian
Sarah Burnell Interview
Sarah Burnell - Sarah'ndipity - self Canadian New
Ae fond kiss
Sarah Burnell - Sarah'ndipity - self Canadian New
Won it at Bingo
Sarah Burnell - Sarah'ndipity - self Canadian New
End of Sarah Burnell Interview
The Holland Mistress
Bill Jones - Two year winter - Compass
Moxham Castle
Natalie MacMaster - In my hands - WEA Canadian
Blues for Oaktown
Turtle Island String Quartet - Skylife - Windham Hill Jazz
The Gravel Shore
Natalie MacMaster - Blueprint - BMG Canadian
Gone Fishing
Flook - Haven - Flatfish