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Music From The Glen
Sunday September 3rd, 2006 with Gordon Peeling
Shelley Posen

Work is Done
Kettle's On - Parcel From Home - self Canadian
The Cobbler
Terry McKenna - Throw the House out of the Windowe - Marquis Canadian
The Watchmaker Set
Beolach - Variations - self Canadian
Willy-Ole Lad
Cockersdale - Doin' the Manch - Fellside
Lament for the Tournaig Bard
Kathleen MacInnes - Summer Dawn - Greentrax
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
Barry Dransfield - Unruly - Violin Workshop
Push, Boys Push
Jon Raven (various) - The Bold Navigators - Fellside
Bodega - Bodega - Greentrax
A Dalesman's Litany
Dave Burland (various) - Never the Same - Honest Johns
Labouring Man
Roy Bailey - Sit Down & Sing - Fuse
The Bold Navigators
John Kirkpatrick (various) - The Bold Navigators - Fellside
The Captain's Apprentice
Steve Jordan - The Trees Scarce Green - Forest Tracks
Interview - Shelley Posen of Finest Kind
Only Remembered
Coope, Boyes & Simpson - Funny Old World - No Masters
Only Remembered
Craig, Morgan, Robson - Peppers & Tomatoes - Reiver Records
Only Remembered
Finest Kind - Lost in a Song - Fallen Angle Music Canadian
The Grey Funnel Line
The Tabbush Sisters - This Close - Reiver Records
Fourpence a Day
Cross o' th Hands - Saint Monday - self
end of interview