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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday October 15th, 2006 with Gordon Peeling

Country Life
Eliza Carthy - The Big Session V. 1 (various) - True North
Fleton Lonen
Kathryn Tickell & Corrina Hewat - The Sky Didn't Fall - Park
Harvest Train
James Keelaghan - A Few Simple Verses - Jericho Beach Canadian
Farmer Slough
Tim van Eyken & Robert Harbron - One Sunday Afternoon - Beautiful Jo
Horkstow Grange
Coope, Boyes & Simpson - Triple Echo - No Masters
The Furze Field
Michael Cooney - Together Again - Cove Haven Records
A Dalesman's Litany
Dave Burland - Never the Same (various) - Honest John
Harvest Time
Matt & Shannon Heaton - Blue Skies Above - self
October Song
Donnie Munro - Heart of America - Greentrax
The Nutting Girl
Shepherd, Spiers & Watson - They Smiled As We Cam In - Springthyme
Banks of Sweet Dundee
Pippa Hall & John Henderson - Then...."il Now - self Canadian
Daniel Thonon - Trafic d'Influence - self Canadian
Gigue des brouillards
Matapat - Que de Peine et d'Amour - self Canadian
Je n'ai pas de barbe
Mauvais Sort - Koru - self Canadian
Norman's Reel
Beolach - Variations - self Canadian
Lakes of Shillin
Nic Jones - Game Set Match - Topic
The Pearl Wedding
Tim van Eyken - Stiffs Lovers Holymen Thieves - Topic
Irish Jigs
Kevin Macleod - Dorney Rock - Greentrax
Jeremiah McLane & Ruthie Dornfeld - Hummingbird - self
The Cornish Farewell Shanty
John Jones - The Big Session V. 1 (various) - True North
Adieu to Judges & Juries
Dorothy Elliott - Never the Same (various) - Honest John