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Music From The Glen
Sunday October 22nd, 2006 with Colin Henein & Gordon Peeling
Funding Drive #1

Green Valley
The Devils Interval - Blood & honey - Wild Goose New
La gigue des jeunes jambes
Claude Methe - L'amant Professeur - Roues et Archets Canadian New
Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick - Straws in the Wind - Topic
Moran and the Bodhran
Stuart Cassells - Blown Away - Foot Stompin'
Chicken on a Raft
Ian Robb - Jiig - Fallen Angle Music Canadian
Pastures of Plenty
Solas - Reunion - Compass
The Easy Club Reel
The Easy Club - Scotland: The Music & The Song (various) - Greentrax
Oran Luaidh
Mary Jane Lamond - Storas - Turtlemusik Canadian
Kentish Cricketers
Oysterband - Stepping Up (various) - Topic
New Rigged Ship
Oak - Stepping Up (various) - Topic