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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday May 6th, 2007 with Gordon Peeling

Am Pige Ruadh
Barra MacNeills - Celtic Colours V X (various) - Odyssey Canadian
Nominator Reels
Kevin Macleod - Dorney Rock - Greentrax
C'est trois jeunes garcons
Matapat - Que de Peine et d'amour - Intermede Canadian
The Pink Flamingo
Nuala Kennedy - The New Shoes - Compass
The Border Widow's Lament
Moira Craig - On Ae Bonny Day - self
Pretty Fair Maid in the Garden
Tim O'Brien - Fiddler's Green - Howdy Skies
The Caliope House
Denis Ryan - Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary's - Landwash Canadian
Sheffield Grinder
Roy Bailey - Sit Down & Sing - Fuse
Elsie Marley
The Tabbush Sisters - This Close - Reiver
David's Jig
Natalie MacMaster - Yours Truly - Foreign Media Canadian
Lovely Joan
The Tabbush Sisters - This Close - Reiver
Tobin's Favorite
Matt Pepin - Pass It Down - self Canadian
The Jolly Tinker
Jeff Warner - Jolly Tinker - self
The Derby Miller
Cross o'th Hands - Saint Monday - Coth Records
The Dark Eyed Sailor
North Cregg - The Roseland Barndance - Greentrax
McAlpine's Crew
Catherine Crowe - Collected - self Canadian
A High Level Hornpipe
Ashley Hutchings - The Collection - Mooncrest
Jamesy Gammon's
Teada - Inne Amarach - Compass
Banks of Green Willow
Jackie Oates - froots 28 (various) - froots
Rambling Sailor
Hekety - Furze Cat - Wild Goose
When the Shanty Boy Comes Down
Jeff Warner - Jolly Tinker - self