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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday May 13th, 2007 with Colin Henein
Mother's Day

Death of Queen Jane
Martin Carthy / Dave Swarbrick - Straws in the Wind - Topic
The glad eye / The journeyman / The wayward son
John Doyle - Wayward Son - Compass
Henry my son
Pete Seeger - Together in Concert (with Arlo Guthrie) - WEA
Natalie MacMaster - In my hands - WEA Canadian
Henry my son
Pat Kilbride - Nightingale Lane - Temple
Bing Crosby - Top of the Morning - Decca
A Chat with your Mother
Peter Bellamy - Wake the Vaulted Echoes - Free Reed
Bonnie Strathmore / My mother's aye glowering at me
Ian Melrose - A scottish legacy - Alula
Ma méchante mère
Genticorum - Le Galarneau - self Canadian
Mom's Waltz
Howie McDonald - Yes! Let's hear it for John Allan Cameron [Various] - REL Canadian
Poisoned Peas (Henry my son)
Cara - In between times - Artes New
Turtle and the Bagpipe
Fig for a Kiss - Fig for a Kiss - Self Canadian New
I had a wee hen
Christina Stewart - Bairn's Kist - Care & Learning Alliance New
The Triplet Hornpipe
Máire Ní Chathasaigh / Chris Newman - FireWire - Old Bridge New
Steel and Stone
Kris Drever - Black Water - Reveal
La Part du Quêteux - Paye la Traite - Roues et Archets Canadian New
Puirt-a-beul Set
Julie Fowlis - Cuilidh - Shoeshine New