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Music From The Glen
Sunday January 6th, 2008 with Gord Peeling
The Twelfth Day of Christmas

Come and I Will Sing You
Nowell Sing We Clear - Four - Front Hall
Apple Tree Wassail/The Derby Ram
Nowell Sing We Clear - The Best Of.... - Front Hall
The Wonderful Suckling Pig
Craig, Morgan, Robson - Stranded - Coth Records
Wonderful Crocodile
Warren Fahy - A Panorama of Bush Songs - ABC
Come and I Will Sing You
Prof. Chalupka's Celebrated Singing School - Brightest & Best - Self Canadian
Top of the Bow
Matt & Shannon Heaton - Fine Winter's Night - self New
The 12 Days of Christmas
Bob & Ron Copper - Songs of Christmas (various) - Rounder
Pull the Anchor
The McDades - Bloom - Free Radio Canadian
Sea Fever
John Roberts - Sea Fever - Golden Hind New
Hughie Jones - Landmarks (various) - Fellside
Omie Wise
Wizz Jones - Lucky the Man - Hux New
The Twelve Days of Christmas
Bill Barclay - Bah! Humbug (various) - G2
I'se the Bye
Gordon Quinton - The Yellow Sky - Woodnight Canadian
La chevre
Les Batinses - l'autre monde - Mille-pattes Canadian
Andrew Lammie
Martin Simpson - Prodigal Son - Compass New
The Poacher's Christmas
The Kipper Family - The Ever Decreasing Circle - Dambuster
The Dark Eyed Gypsies
Wizz Jones - Lucky the Man - Hux New
Two Jigs
Ross Kennedy - Scottish Voice & Acoustic Guitar - Greentrax New
Down by the River
Jerry Hallom - Landmarks (various) - Fellside