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Music From The Glen
Sunday February 3rd, 2008 with Gord Peeling
More Favourites from 2007

Uncle Jeremy's Winking Rabbit
John Kirkpatrick - Make No Bones - Fledg'ling
Cold Haily Rainy Night
Chris Wood, Eliza & Martin Carthy - The Imagine Village (various) - Real World New
Teelin/Up and Away
Paul Brock & Enda Scahill - Humdinger - Compass
Night Visiting Song
Gordon Quinton - The Yellow Sky - Woodnight Canadian
The Ballad of Accounting
Battlefield Band - Dookin' - Temple New
Come By the Hills
Hugh Morrison - Under a Texas Skye - Dun Eisten
Unknown Tune
Peerie Willie Johnson - Willie's World - Greentrax New
Suite a Tido
Andre Brunet & Eric Beaudry - B & B - self Canadian
The Ballad of Capel Street
Chulrua - The Singing Kettle - Shanachie New
My Ballingary Lady
The London Lasses & Pete Quinn - Enchanted Lady - Lo La
Lonely Waterloo
Sylvia Barnes - The Colour of Amber - Greentrax New
Virginia Reel
Glencraig - The Reel Party - Greentrax New
Welsh Fairy Dance
Bellevue Rendezvous - Tangents - self New
Kate Rusby - Awkward Annie - Pure New
Prelude Polkas
Beoga - A Lovely Madness - Compass New
End of Part 2 of 2007 Favourites
False Young Man
Kieron Means - Far As My Eye Can See - Fellside
Le meunier et le forgeron
Les Batinses - L'autre Monde - Mille-Pattes Canadian
The Banks of Newfoundland
Ed Kavanagh - Weaving the Wind - self Canadian
The Golden Eagle
Dan McMullen & Martin St. Maurice - Fingerboard Groove - self Canadian