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Music From The Glen
Sunday November 8th, 2009 with Gord Peeling & Colin Henein
Funding Drive Week 3

Les Metiers
Le Vent du Nord - La Part du Feu - Borealis Canadian New
O'Brien, Gans & Sproule - Snug in a Blanket - Black Tea Tunes
Thaxted/Leaving Old England
Kerr, Fagan & Harbron - Station House - Fellside
The Humpback Whale
Nic Jones - Three Score & Ten (Various) - Topic New
Big Al's
Stuart Cassells - Blown Away - Foot Stompin'
Mickey Dam
Frank Harte - There's Gangs of Them Digging - Daisy
Young Alvin
Tim Van Eyken - Stiffs, Lovers, Holymen Thieves - Topic
The Ballad of Accounting
Enoch Kent - I'm a Rover - 2nd Ave Canadian
North Humberland Hill
Brad Keller - House on Fire - self Canadian New
Andy McGann's
Paddy Keenan - Na Keen Affair - Hot Cony
Crowfoot - Footpath - Lunar Canoe Canadian