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Music From The Glen
Sunday November 15th, 2009 with Colin Henein
Remembrance Day

Flowers of the forest
Scots guards regimental band - (unknown) - (unknown)
And the band played waltzing Matilda
Joan Baez - Ring them bells - Razor & Tie
A handful of maple leaves
Finest Kind - Lost in a song - Fallen Angle Canadian
The plains of Waterloo
Kate Rusby / Kathryn Roberts - Kate Rusby & Kathryn Roberts - Self
I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier
Mick Moloney - If it wasn't for the Irish and the Jews - Compass New
Freedom come all ye
Friends of Fiddler's Green - This side of the ocean - Self Canadian
The bloody fields of Flanders / Far over Struy
Martin Carthy - Flash Company [va] - Fellside
Lloyd George's Beer
Coope, Boyes and Simpson - What we sing - No Masters
Recruiting Sargeant
Great Big Sea - Play - WEA Canadian
Peat bog soldiers
Swan Arcade - Diving for pearls - Fellside
Farmhands and Masters
Kerr Fagan Harbron - Station House - Fellside
Le Terre-Neuvien / La fleur de Lys / Le champs de bataille
Claude Méthé - L'amant confesseur - Roues et Archets Canadian
D-Day Dodgers
Jiig - Live at the National Library - MFTG Canadian
Cholera camp
Cockersdale - Flash Company [va] - Fellside
The flowers of the forest
Norma Waterson / Lal Waterson - A true hearted girl - Topic
Zimba Warrior
John Cairns - All through the ages - Self Canadian
Glorious Deserters
Burgess, Ådin & Wingard - Doggerland - Sjelvar
Le petit soldat
Éric & Simon Beaudry - Le sort des amoureux - Roues et Archets Canadian