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Music From The Glen
Sunday May 9th, 2010 with Gord Peeling

Le Galant Noyé
Dentdelion - La Tondeuse - Rues et Archets Canadian
Carreg Lafar - Profiad - Sain
Four Nights Drunk
Steeleye Span - In Concert - Park
The Suffolk Miracle
Jim Moray - Sweet England - NIAG
Dust off the Banjo
Brian Pickell - Friday Night in Town - self Canadian
Hiring Fair
Eddie Butcher - Once I Was a Draysman - Free Reed
A Shantyman's Life
Rik Barron - Bound For the Ice - self Canadian
I Wish the Wars Were All Over
Tim Eriksen - Northern Roots - Indies Scope
Polly On the Shore
John Jones - Rising Road - Westpark
The Gold Watch
Steve Turner - The Whirligig of Time - Tradition Bearers
Cambridge May Song
Mary Humphreys & Anahata - Floating Verses - Wild Goose
The Gravel Walk
Michael Doyle - Keeping It Traditional - self Canadian
Adieu to Old England
Ian King - Panic Grass & Fever Few - Fledg'ling
The Sheffield Grinder
Jackie Oates - Hyperboreans - Unearthed
Brother John
Daniel Payne - Chain - self Canadian
Pour se marier
Galant tu perds ton temps - Fais-toi pas d'illusions - Tribu Canadian
Freefalling Reels
Michael McGoldrick - Aurora - Vertical New
Dominic's Farewell
Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford - On Common Ground - Bally O
P Stands for Paddy
Cara Dillon - Hill of Thieves - Charcoal
A Waltz for Mairead
Solas - The Turning Tide - Compass
Return Again
Tim Eriksen - Northern Roots - Indies Scope