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Music From The Glen
Sunday May 2nd, 2010 with Gord Peeling

The Old Polina
Rik Barron - Bound for the Ice - self Canadian
Quinze Marins
La Gaule de Bois - Chant Marins - self
Sergeant Early's Dream
Stefan Grossman - Thunder on the Run - SGGW
St. Jacob's Ramble
Paul Haslem - Spirit of the land - self Canadian
Shady Grove
Sarah McQuaid - I Won't Go Home 'til Morning - self
Rocks of Bawn
John Jones - Rising Road - Westpark
Three Bampton Morris Tunes
Ashley Hutchings - The Collection - Mooncrest
How Should I Your True Love Know
Ian King - Panic Grass & Fever Few - Fledg'ling
Take No Prisoners
Andy Irvine - Rain on the Roof - self
Bampton Fair
Tom & Barbara Brown - Tide of Change - Wild Goose
Because He Was a Bonny Lad
The Unthanks - Here's the Tender Coming - Rabble Rouser
Strawberry Town
Orion - Strawberry Town - Keltia Musique
Locks & Bolts
Jackie Oates - Hyperboreans - Unearthed
Betsy Bell
Demon Barbers - +24 db - self
Haying Song
Rik Barron & Dave Panting - Old Dogs New Tricks - self Canadian
Tail Toddle
Mick West - Sark o' Snaw - Greentrax
Wind & Rain
Julie Fowlis - Uam - Shoeshine
Craigie Hills
The Dardanelles - The Dardanelles - self Canadian
Velvet in the Wind
Gerry Strong - Velvet In the Wind - Singsong Canadian
Exe, Barle & Bray
Tom & Barbara Brown - Tide of Change - Wild Goose