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An Indian Morning
Sunday March 20th, 2022 with Dr. Harsha V. Dehejia and Kishore "Kish" Sampat
An Indian Morning, celebrating and seeking the spirit of India thru sounds, stories, music & songs. (An Abridged edition to allow for NOWRUZ celebration by NAMAASHOUM) HAPPY HOLI & HAPPY INTERNATIONAL DAY OF HAPPINESS!

Namaste! And once a sage and a poet met on the bank of a river, the sage said that he was on a journey of finding the truth; the poet on the other hand said that he was in the quest for beauty. The two went their separate ways. The sage discovered the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Puranas, the Dharmashastras. The poet discovered Kalidasa, Jaidev, Surdas and Keshavdas. Then followed a debate which was greater, truth or beauty? When it could not be resolved, Shiva broke out of his linga, the Lingodbhava and intervened and said the truth and beauty were the same. Welcome to An Indian Morning. A-DR DEHEJIA’S MISC-20220320 32:01 1. MANGALVAANI; AANI DHOYANK OF NEPAL 2. TOBO EKLA CHOLO RE; SHREYA GHOSHAL; RABINDRA SANGEET 3. KAAL JUONE AJGAR JEVO DHIME; DHANASHREE PANDIT; KAMLESH SONAWALA 4. SAKHI BANJE PAG PAIJINI; ANUP JALOTA 5. NAINA LAGAI KE MEIN PACHHTAYI; ASHA BHOSE, USTAD SHUJAT HUSSAIN KHAN B-ANNOUNCEMENTS MISC-20220320 15:43 BACKGROUND MUSIC; INSTRUMENTAL-HOLI SPECIAL आप सभी को किशोर सम्पट का प्यार भरा नमस्कार आज 20 मार्च रविवार का दिन है, आप की ज़िन्दगी का एक और नया दिन। आज का दिन शुभ और मंगल मई हो। हर वर्ष 20 मार्च को इंटरनेशनल हैप्पीनेस डे मनाया जाता है। अंतर्राष्ट्रीय प्रसन्नता दिवस 2022 को आप अपने जीवन में हैप्पीनेस लाने के लिए क्या करने जा रहे हैं इस बारे में जरूर सोचें। इंटरनेशनल हैप्पीनेस डे मनाने का उद्देश्य यह है कि आप अपने नजरिए को इस तरह बदले कि आपके जीवन में खुशी का महत्व बढ़ता जाए। Sunday, March 20th is the International Happiness Day, celebrated internationally. By making it a habit to remain happy and cheerful only we can face the challenges of life and allow our hurts and wounds to heal with time. Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony-Mahatma Gandhi Chhodo Sanam, Kaahe Ka Gham, Hanste Raho, Khilte Raho (Kudrat – 1981) : A foot tapping song soaked in frolic and frenzy. Kalpana Iyer has danced on this song whereas Vinod Khanna and Hema Malini have also performed. Kishore Kumar and Annette Pinto have sung it under the music direction of Pancham Da (R.D. Burman) whereas the lyric has come from the pen of Majrooh Sultaanpuri. 01-CHHODO SANAM KAAHE KA GHUM MISC-20220320 TRACK#01 5:13 KUDRAT-1981; KISHORE KUMAR, ANNETTE PINTO; R. D. BURMAN; MAJROOH SULTANPURI Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life-Omar Khayyam Uthein Sabke Kadam, Dekho Rum Pum Pum, Aji Aise Geet Gaaya Karo (Baaton Baaton Mein - 1979: And finally, the unforgettable joyous song - Uthein Sabke Kadam, Dekho Rum Pum Pum, Aji Aise Geet Gaaya Karo (Baaton Baaton Mein – 1979) written by Amit Khanna, composed by Rajesh Roshan and sung by Lata, Amit Kumar and Pearl Padamsee and filmed on Amol Palekar, Tina Munim, Ranjit Chowdhury and Pearl Padamsee. 02-UTHEIN SABKE KADAM MISC-20190324 TRACK#02 4:19 BAATON BAATON MEIN-1978; LATA MANGESHKAR, AMIT KUMAR, PEARL PADAMSEE; RAJESH ROSHAN; AMIT KHANNA 97-ANTMEIN-SIGNOFF – 1:46 ---------------------------------------------------------- To Give Your Community Announcements on this programme Please E-mail at or Or Visit ----------------------------------------------------------अंत मे छोटी सी बात ‘An Indian Morning’ की तरफसे: ---------------------------------------------------------- You and only you are responsible for your own happiness and therefore, you must work hard on it. Wishing a very Happy International Day of Happiness. आप और केवल आप ही अपनी खुशी के लिए जिम्मेदार हैं और इसलिए, आपको इस पर कड़ी मेहनत करनी चाहिए। आपको अंतर्राष्ट्रीय खुशी दिवस की बहुत बहुत शुभकामनाएं। ---------------------------------------------------------- हमारा आपके साथ आज यहीं तक का सफर था. तो चलिए आपसे अब हम विदा लेते है. अगली मुलाकात तक खुश रहिये, स्वस्थ रहिये और हाँ An Indian Morning पर हमसे मिलते रहिये. हंसते रहिये, क्योंकि हंसना निशुल्क है और एक सुलभ दवा है। Well, that's all the time we have with you today! We thank you and hope you have enjoyed our company on this Indian Morning! Please join us next Sunday from 10:00 AM till 11:30 AM for another edition (#2458) of “An Indian Morning. ‘Seeking the Spirit of India’ through sounds, stories, music & songs with Dr. Harsha Dehejia and Rakesh Misra, I am Kishore Sampat wishing you a wonderful week ahead! STAY safe STOP the spread SAVE lives! STAY TUNED FOR A SPECIAL EDITION of “NAMAASHOUM for NOWRUZ CELEBRATION” आपका आज का दिन और आने वाला सप्ताह शुभ हो, नमस्कार! 98-SPONSORS-RINAG-VAISHALI’S 2:28 THE END समाप्त
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