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An Indian Morning
Sunday February 16th, 2020 with Dr. Harsha V. Dehejia and Kishore "Kish" Sampat
An Indian Morning celebrates not only the music of India but equally its various arts and artisans, poets and potters, kings and patriots. The first 30 minutes of the program features classical, religious as well as regional and popular music. The second

An Indian Morning celebrates not only the music of India but equally its various arts and artisans, poets and potters, kings and patriots. The first 30 minutes of the program features classical, religious as well as regional and popular music. The second one hour features community announcements and ear pleasing music from old/new & popular Indian films. The ethos of the program is summarized by its signature closing line, "Seeking the spirit of India, Jai Hind". Good morning. Namaste. Namaskaar. Mera naam RAKESH hai… (मेरा नाम राकेश है |) Here are this weeks community announcements beginning with words from our sponsors… Yeh bhajan jo aap abhi sunengay Shree Adi Shankracharya nay likha tha (यह भजन जो आप अभी सुनेंगे, श्री अदि शंकराचार्य ने लिखा था)… the early 8th century. Adi Shankracharya was an early 8th century Indian philosopher and theologian who strongly propogated women empowerment. To lijeye suniyae aaj ka stotra - it talks of the victory of Maa Durga over the demon Mahishasura Song 1: AIGIRI NANDINA ROCK VERSION-NAKSHAR PRODUCTIONS (2020) 01-AIGIRI NANDINI CD MISC-20200216 TRACK#01 4:24 NAKSHATRA PRODUCTIONS-2020; BHARAT BOPANA, SONAL MONTEIRO, VIVEK A, SPARSHA REKHA; LYRICIST: SHREE ADI SHANKARACHARYA Once again...welcome to another edition of An Indian Morning... I want to devote today’s show to the subject most covered by Bollywood...romance...of course, Bollywood covers every facet of of country, love of god, love of siblings and children, love of rivers vagerah vagerah...but romance...Bollywood does romance best...julie, reshma ya basanti...amar akbhar ya anthony...bollywood kay rug rug mein romance hai. And it was valentine’s day 2 days ago... So today’s show is for all those who celebrated love or those who forgot...romance pay chance…. bus ek condition thi...rona dhona chandi ki deewar na jab dil he toot gaya….only joy and fun and... This first song beats with the rhythm of life and love with the exuberance of youth. From the movie Dhadak in the voice of Ajay-Atul Song 2: ZINGAAAT – DHADAK (2018) 02-ZINGAAT CD MISC-20200216TRACK#02 4:06 DHADAK-2018; AJAY-ATUL; AJAY-ATUL; AMITABH BHATTACHARYA Chaliye...ab yeh jawaani deewani kay baad thoda cycle pay chalte do I love thee, let me count the ways….tu baarish mein agar kehde ja mere liye dhoop khilla...arijit singh ki awaaz, amit trivedi ka sangeet, film ka naam padman Song 3: AAJ SE TERI – PADMAN (2018) 03-AAJ SE TERI CD MISC-20200216 TRACK#03 5:08 PADMAN-2018; ARIJIT SINGH; AMIT TRIVEDI; KAUSAR MUNIR Start (Fade in) next song “Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya”. There is music for 2 minutes 7 seconds before the song starts. Aur challiya ab kuch evergreen show ko likhte time mujhe achanak dhyan aaya ki kuch aisey bharitya gaayak hain...lata mangeshkar...mohammed rafi...jinke gaane meri naani sunti thi, meri maa sunti thi, main sunta hoon aur kabhi kabhi...actually never...meri beti ko sun-na chahiye... So a song of revolution and love...of love demanded...of love eventually unfulfilled… mughal e azam was the love story of prince Salim and Anarkali and their everlasting love that brought civil war and nearly ruined an entire empire. In the voice of Lata Mangeshkar… Song 4: JAB PYAAR KIYA TO DARNAA KYA – MUGHAL-E-AZAM 04-PYAR KIYA TO DARNA KYA CD MISC-20200216 TRACK#04 6:21 MUGHAL-E-AZAM-1960; LATA MANGESHKAR; NAUSHAD; SHAKEEL BADAYUNI Fade in next song, there is music for 30-35 seconds. This next song, from Tere Ghar Ke Samne, is another olden golden the voice of Mohammed Rafi. It is said that though parts of the song were picturised around the qutab minar in Delhi, the steps were too high for Nutan to run a replica was made so that she could do so safely... Song 5: DIL KA BHANWAR – TERE GHAR KE SAMNE - 1963 05-DIL KA BHANWAR KARE PUKAR CD MISC-20200216 TRACK#05 5:53 TERE GHAR KE SAMNE-1963; MOHAMMAD RAFI; S. D. BURMAN; HASRAT JAIPURI “Come leave the strife Of your weary life Come with me and rest From the night and cold To the shattered fold By the hand of love caressed” From a poem by William Hodges….which sort of segways (segue) into this next song...the how to when to where to why to of love... Song 6: KUCHH TO HUA HAI – KAL HO NA HO - 2003 06-KUCHH TO HUA HAI CD MISC-20200216 TRACK#06 4:58 KAL HO NA HO-2003; ALKA YAGNIK, SHAAN; SHANKAR-EHSAAN-LOY; JAVED AKHTAR Yeh agala gaana hai film 'Fanney Khan' se. Fanney Khan is a story of hopes, dreams and relationships. This song has been used as a cover song by many many many singers...the original is a little different than the version you will be listening to now...but its a fine song… Song 7: HALKA HALKA – FANNEY KHAN - 2018 07-HALKA HALKA CD MISC-20200216 TRACK#07 3:08 FANNEY KHAN-2018; SUNIDHI CHAUHAN, DIVYA KUMAR; AMIT TRIVEDI; IRSHAD KAMIL Challiye to aaj ke show ka akhiri gaana...jaise ki pehla gaana tha...zingaat...vaise hi...kuch dhadakhta...kuch bhadaktha...mein to loot gaya...hamare hero aur heroine milte hain, saath mein business shuru karte hain but they have some hanky panky...but we all know how these rules work out...specially in the film band baaja baaraat….in the voices of salim merchant and sunidhi chauhan...the music of salim sulaiman and lyrics by amitabh geet ki ek line hai...chai mein dooba mein biscoot ho gaya...yeh hum bollywood kay wasi he samaj sakte hain! Song 8: AINVAYI AINVAYI – BAND BAAJA BAARAAT - 2010 08-AINVAYI AINVAYI CD MISC-20200216 TRACK#08 4:42 BAND BAAJA BAARAAT-2010; SALIM MERCHAN, SUNIDHI CHAUHAN; SALIM-SULAIMAN; AMITABH BHATTACHARYA hamara our aapka aaj yahin tuk ka safar hai...agale hafte kishore vaapis hoga...tub tak...hasiyeain, gaiye and ishq jamaiyay… This is all the time we have this morning. Kishore will be back next week...till then...laugh, sing and love. I am Rakesh Misra with Harsh Dehejia and Kishore Sampat...wishing you all a wonderful day and week ahead...stay tuned for music from the glen... THE END समाप्त
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