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The Wavelength
Monday January 31st, 2022 with Joe Reilly
Freedom, Truckers, Neil Young, Spotify and some new releases

To kick off the show we feature some songs about the unravelling of politics in the USA (and Canada) and some songs about Freedom and what it means to some great artists... all in response to some misguided and possibly misused truckers who have come to Ottawa to protest COVID lockdowns and other things... sadly with folks in their ranks who fly the fascist banner the swastika and a powerful symbol of racism, the Confederate flag. We also include a couple of songs by Neil Young in support of his request to have his songs taken down from Spotify, as the streaming giant is the home to podcaster Joe Rogan who broadcasts vaccination misinformation. Hopefully more artists will join the protest with Neil and Joni Mitchell. And remember if you subscribe to Spotify, the streaming behemoth does not pay artists nearly enough for the right to stream their music... so if you love an artist you should consider purchasing their music to truly support them... if you can afford to do so. The Guardian provides a pretty good assessment of the current boycott by Neil and what it says about Spotify. In the second hour of the show we feature some great new releases and some great pop songs. Enjoy
Armageddon's Back In Town
Drive-By Truckers - The Unravelling
Rockin' In The Free World
Neil Young - Freedom Canadian
Flags of Freedom
Neil Young - Living With War Canadian
The Unravelling
Drive-By Truckers - The New OK
What It Means
Drive-By Truckers - American Band
After The Gold Rush
Patti Smith - Banga Canadian
Rose Cousins - Natural Conclusion Canadian
Jurassic Five - Power In Numbers
Freedom - Big Freedia Remix
Jon Batiste - We Are (The Deluxe Edition)
Shad - A Short Story About A War Canadian
Tanya Tagaq - Tongues Canadian New
Johann Johannsson - Arrival: Official Movie Soundtrack
Bonobo - Fragments New
Otomo (feat. O'Flynn)
Bonobo - Fragments New
Time Escaping
Big Thief - Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You New
Spoon - Lucifer On The Sofa New
Area Resident - Spout-Bec Single Canadian New
Mojave Three - Spoon and Rafter
Oversharers Anonymous
Wild Pink - A Billion Little Lights
Easy Way Out
Ken Yates - Quiet Talkers Canadian
Don't You Give Up On Me
Milo Greene - Milo Greene
All The Roads
The Ring Shepherds - Habitual Orbits Canadian
Finding You
The Go Betweens - Oceans Apart
The Rider
Kamancello - Of Shadows Canadian
The Great Chinggis Khaan
The Hu - The Gereg
Interactive CKCU
mike p
at the same time, though possibly yes naive, it was somewhat about togetherness too, and sincere concerns which should not be lost sight of,, such AS freedom. Ottawa is the countries city, and many of the visitors are not fascist pigs I enjoyed stuffy ottawa people getting it up their ass a bit

9:15 PM, January 31st, 2022
MikeP ✊ C'est comme jazz...sum folks just don't get it... we're broke & tired & scared shitless...& drowing in Politics!

9:25 PM, January 31st, 2022
Gettin in to Area Resident....

10:24 PM, January 31st, 2022
Joe Reilly (host)
Protesting is a legit undertaking and I'm not saying they are all fascists but you do need to call out those in your ranks who wave banners like Swastikas and Confederate Flags. I think my bigger issue is with the idea that "freedom" is just about the individual. I feel this is an American construct and it is a myth in many ways. Great things were built by groups of people, the collective, communities... and only through collective work will we find our way out of the mess we are in and heading into deeper every day... and I don't mean just this pandemic ... I mean the unequal sharing of wealth and the environmental degradation that are undoing our world . If folks think we will get out of this quagmire through individual freedom alone I think they are mistaken. Wearing a mask and getting a vaccine helps the community as a whole as well as you and your loved ones. I have a hard time accepting the arguments of those who oppose these measures. I realize that the lockdowns have caused job losses and income losses and pain for many... and I get the frustration with those aspects of the situation. But these folks get a microphone and they say "Don't tell me to get a vaccine." They barge into retail outlets and demand service without masks because of their "freedom" with no thought for the minimum wage sales clerk who does not want to get sick and does not want to make his/her/their family or friends sick. With great freedom comes great responsibility… for yourself and for your community members. That’s what’s missing in the trucker protest.

8:24 PM, February 1st, 2022