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Friday Special Blend
Friday March 16th, 2018 with Brian Kom, Allen Roulston, Meral Jamal, Breanne Neudorf and Lucas Campoli
Hour 1 with Brian Kom, joined by Tom McSorley of the Bright Nights Baltic-Nordic Film Festival and indigenous musician/Ojibwe language revitalizer Mskwaankwad Rice. Hour 2 with A.R., B.N., M. J. and L.C. joined by Adrienne Wong, actor in the NAC live thea

Scintillating conversation blended with specially selected music on a Friday morning.
BBC news (7 am)
The Bleeding Heart Show
The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema Canadian
Only Love You For Your Car
Immaculate Machine - High On Jackson Hill Canadian
Track You Down
Sondre Lerche - Two-Way Monologue
I'd Rather Dance With You
Kings Of Convenience - Riot on an Empty Street
La Prima Estate
Erlend Øye - La Prima Estate
Bright Nights: The Baltic-Nordic Film Festival
Caramba!... Galileu Da Galileia
Jorge Ben - Beleze Tropical
Chico Buarque - Beleze Tropical
Please Be Kind
Mildred Bailey - Please Be Kind (1938)
Now That The Buffalo's Gone
Buffy Sainte-Marie - It's My Way! Canadian
TIFF Top Ten: RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked the World

Meet the Expert: Mskwaankwad Rice

Mskwaankwad Rice Ojibwe Language
BBC News (8 am)
Arts Report: Allen Roulston speaks with Adrienne Wong, actor in the NAC live theatre production "Carried Away On The Crest Of A Wave". The play explores the the cataclysmic 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami carried away on the crest of a wave illustrates how world events link us all together. From two brothers in Malaysia trying to save their house from sinking, a Canadian radio-show host angered by disaster-relief efforts, a grieving Japanese father, to a lonely woman in Utah baking a pie, the play explores humanity in times of disaster.
The Winter Has Passed
The Deep Dark Woods - Yarrow Canadian New
What's Going On? with Breanne Neudorf
Dead Man's Blues
Dave King - Life And Death - Canadian New
Meral Jamal interviews Mahtab Dhaliwal, an organizer of the March For Our Lives.
Interactive CKCU
Frank Smith
Diggin' I'd Rather Dance With You! Good morning Friday Special Blend!

7:24 AM, March 16th, 2018
Conserving water in Ottawa is a waste of time. Its cheap and it all (99%) gets treated and returned to the river.

9:42 AM, March 16th, 2018