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Vintage Love
Saturday October 26th, 2019 with The Golden 1 - Mikey Wizdom
Stayin' Alive (Since '75)

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Interactive CKCU
O'shea Adagio (host)
Dear Vintage Love occasional listeners and die hard fans. It is with great regret that I am unable to be with you tonight so that I could annoy you :-) with my begging and pleading ways during these Funding Drive days, so that you would give freely and frequently to support Vintage Love and more importantly, CKCU FM. This has been a turbulent year for CKCU... with all the government cuts and initiatives that put what we do for you, in peril. We do our best at Vintage Love to bring you solid programming.. something you would be proud of and proud to share with your friends, families neighbours and on, regardless of race, culture or creed. No, of course we are not perfect but we do strive for perfection and I do try to play the best music for you that stays on the positive side of things.... sad songs and happy ones alike. Music Is Life! Anyway, the BIGGEST thanks to Mikey Wizdom for being willing to step into the hot seat in relief of me (especially at this time of year) so I could attend the celebration of my Aunts life. Thank you Mikey and I hope you have fun most of all. #Angostura You got it Pontiac!! ;-) Enjoy the show everyone and please help CKCU survive these latest government....hmm.. cuts..if you will. We both, CKCU and VL, hope to be and work hard to be able to be here for you next year. Please do what you can to support us as we support you. #stayinalive (613)520-3920

3:28 PM, October 23rd, 2019
Ms. Goody Goody
I couldn’t wait to donate tonight! You just can’t put a price on the value of this station, and especially VL! ! I challenge all the so called #1 fans to donate! Any amount counts!

10:31 PM, October 26th, 2019
Bigh up M&K power couple for covering O'shea. Positive vibes going out to his family. Lets show VL the $$$$

10:49 PM, October 26th, 2019
joe fan
Luv VL! Cheque in mail Monday. Thanks for your work.

11:02 PM, October 26th, 2019