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Vintage Love
Saturday May 5th, 2018 with O'shea Adagio
Love Over Everything

The power of love.... Decided to go with a much better symbol rather than to inadvertently promote hate. So with that... "The power of love.. a force from above... cleaning my soul" FGTH Clean away love... clean away! O'shea Adagio Vintage Love "Playing With Those Memories Again" CKCU 93.1FM
What's Happening
Boris Gardiner - -
Here I Come (80's Style)
Dennis Brown - -
Man To Man
Bob Marley & The Wailers - -
Better Must Come
Delroy Wison - -
No Man Is An Island
Dennis Brown - -
Sunshine People
Beres Hammond & Mikey Zapow - -
Sun Is Shining
Bob Marley & The Wailers - -
Roland Burrell - -
Make It With You
Sugar Minott - -
The Valley Of Decision
Alton Ellis - -
Do It Sweet
Jackie Edwards - -
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Barbara Jones - -
I'd Build A Bridge
Cynthia Schloss - -
You Are
Eddie Lovette - -
Junior Soul - -
Rock The Boat
Pluto - -
Here I Come
Air Supply - -
Just As I Am
Air Supply - -
Just As I Am
L.U.S.T. - -
Here I Am
Sanchez - -
Pretty Brown Eyes
Winston Hewitt - - Canadian
Come To Me
Tyrone Taylor - -
So Many Ways
Dennis Malcolm - -
I Won't Stop Loving You
Pam Hall - -
Barry Boom - -
Let's Be Friends
Peter Hunnigale - -
Waiting In Vain
Bob Marley & The Wailers - -
Interactive CKCU
O'shea Adagio (host)
Welcome to VL tonight. Thank you for tuning in and thank you to Ben for covering for me over the last couple of weeks. I hope you had a good time. :-)

10:09 PM, May 5th, 2018
O'shea Adagio (host)
The interactive menu is open for you... the in studio phone number is: 613-520-2528 and the email for the show is: info<at> I hope you enjoy the show tonight.

10:11 PM, May 5th, 2018
Welcome back
Always lovley to hear you coice and know you are well. Heavy B did well in you absence but course we only have era for you....:) S.S

10:20 PM, May 5th, 2018
O'shea Adagio (host)
Thank you for welcoming me back. Always nice to be missed... I missed being here with you too. :-)

10:25 PM, May 5th, 2018
I stepped away from the radio for a bit, and I missed hearing the incident which occurred today. Can u fill us in. Thanks. Always keep in mind: "People who are void of love, cannot show love"

10:48 PM, May 5th, 2018
O'shea Adagio (host)
Well... I went out today do enjoy the nice weather.. went for a ride and was enjoying seeing many people out enjoying the day and then I ran across a symbol of hate in a park not far from my house. It just changed my good vibes mood... took a picture of it... just disappointing.. sad to see. I know that hate, racism and all these things are alive and well but... it just saddened me today as I was enjoying the day. I took a pic of it and was going to use it for todays show picture.. but now having 2nd thoughts. What do you think?

10:57 PM, May 5th, 2018
Be the good you want to see
I think you should not let one person's stupid actions dictate your mood. The grafitti will be removed and you will contue to do good in this world as you always do. Which I for one am thankful for. Be the good you want to see in this world S.S

11:05 PM, May 5th, 2018
O'shea Adagio (host)
Well... no man is an island.. so yes it did affect my mood but I would not let it ruin my day.. the reason why I played a few songs in response but... the rest is what we usually do here on VL. There will be always hate... but we push love... love over hate! "Here I come... with love and not hatred" DB. 100%!!

11:11 PM, May 5th, 2018
No, I wouldn't post it. We don't need to give it any more legs than it warrants. People who are insecure, and have low self-esteem, usually act and behave unseemingly Don't give it a second thought. It just tells us to be alert and aware of our surroundings at all times. (re: incident on Younge St. in T.O. a few weeks ago). The solution: Keep praying for folks that has a heart filled with hate. It's the only solution.

11:14 PM, May 5th, 2018
O'shea Adagio (host)
Amen.... I think I agree with that. I dont think I will use the pic... Will figure something else out for the picture for tonights show. Thank you for your input and your positivity. (and of course for tuning in) ;-)

11:16 PM, May 5th, 2018
Sending out love and positivity to all the Lovers . May our love and humility go round and round and reach you tonight O'Shea. No words can bring comfort when we are assailed by a act of hate.. We can hold on to the thought it's a warning and reflection reflection of a violent, sad , person-culture. Bless up you ~for all the love you bring ...Personally

11:18 PM, May 5th, 2018
Reggified versions
I have not heard a "reggified" version of a song I didn't like. It might be the island vibe that the cover provides, but somehow, it just makes a good song better! S.S

11:26 PM, May 5th, 2018
What! Why wasn't I invited along to the concert as well? Chouh! You just left me out of the fun & excitement of the road trip and concert. Hmmm! Upset!

11:30 PM, May 5th, 2018
O'shea Adagio (host)
Its funny cuz I love Air Supply but for real... as they started certain songs last week.. I was singing the reggae version... I had to slap myself and get back into the Graham and Russell original. Was a great concert... again.. such positive vibes and great music. So glad to see them in concert. I dont care what anyone says.. I love Air Supply!!!

11:30 PM, May 5th, 2018
O'shea Adagio (host)
Dont be upset.... I didnt hear from you so did not think you would be interested in hangin'. :-( Maybe another time. But I hope you are enjoying them on the radio.... courtesy of VL. :-)

11:32 PM, May 5th, 2018
Original..good..Reggified BETTER

11:37 PM, May 5th, 2018
O'shea Adagio (host)
Thanks to the Raptors and the Leafs for great seasons... sadly.. I think thats it. :-( Now the Jets and for MLB... the Jays. Go Canada Go!

11:38 PM, May 5th, 2018
O'shea Adagio (host)
No doubt.. but HUGE thanks to Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock for being tenacious and following their dreams.. 43yrs later.. we enjoy these songs over and over again.. and in Reggae too. Awesome what happens when you follow your dreams. Big up Air Supply.

11:39 PM, May 5th, 2018
(excuses, excuses) ;-) Yep, rooting for Canada! 'True North' Strong!

11:44 PM, May 5th, 2018
Agreed on both counts..
Following dreams...rough road but well rewarded in the end...As for the Raps and Leafs, they have every right to be proud!!! Not a baseball fan, but always root for Jay's...and fingers are crossed for Winnipeg right now! #Wethenorth, #whiteout. SS

11:45 PM, May 5th, 2018
O'shea Adagio (host)
Excuses?? If you didn't reach out... what can I do? I tried. :-(

11:47 PM, May 5th, 2018
LOL Mind , we don't mind promoting chuo but Ckcu 93.1 is on lock now.. lol. So sweet when the kids know morning and night dial for me!

11:48 PM, May 5th, 2018
O'shea Adagio (host)
Absolutely! #WeTheNorth Canada proud! :-)

11:48 PM, May 5th, 2018
Again all hail the Reggified version....maybe it's the spice that makes it nice....SS

11:58 PM, May 5th, 2018
You never answer your phone.

11:58 PM, May 5th, 2018
Great show!
Great show Mr. Adagio. Esp. loved the conscious, vintage tunes during the 1st hour. Love the 'throwback' Air Supply songs as well. Have a restful weekend. Don't let anyone or anything dampen your mood. With the Lord in ship we can smile at the storm.

12:07 AM, May 6th, 2018
Thanks for playing that awesome song by Pam Hall!

12:10 AM, May 6th, 2018