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Vintage Love
Saturday February 15th, 2014 with O'shea Adagio
Change Of Plans

Glad to be back with you this week after hosting the Chale event last Saturday night. A special welcome to all those I met at that event last week and also those who are tuning in for the first time. Thank you for taking the time to investigate Vintage Love and CKCU. I hope you enjoyed the show whether your 1st time or your 500th time. I hope you had a great Valentines Day... Much love to the Vintage Love Club here, there and everywhere. O'shea Adagio Vintage Love International CKCU 93.1FM
You Are Everything (@ 11:05)
Ossie Scott - -
Better Tomorrow (@17:32)
Etana - -
Bunny Rugs who was a member of the group Third World and also went on to a solo career passed away a few weeks ago on February 2nd, 2014. We pay tribute to him and remember him as we listen to some of his music here on Vintage Love. Thank you for providing some of the music to the soundtrack of our lives. Dancing, singing, learning and more.... thank you Bunny! We pay our respects to you!
Keep Your Head To The Sky (@ 26:15)
Third World - -
It's You (@ 30:36)
Bunny Rugs - -
This Song Will Last Forever (@ 35:34)
Funky Brown - -
I'll Always Be True (@ 41:23)
Sanchez - -
Perhaps (@ 45:05)
Lukie D. - -
In This Lonely Room (@ 49:19)
Judy Boucher - -
Any Day Now (@ 56:07)
Dennis Brown - -
Silly Games (@ 61:38)
Janet Kay - -
Love Come Down (@ 65:33)
Barry Biggs - -
All The Way In (@ 70:15)
Cynthia Schloss - -
Only A Fool (@ 73:17)
Mighty Sparrow & Byron Lee - -
Because You Loved Me (@ 78:23)
Pam Hall - -
Lookin' Like Love (@ 84:16)
Peabo Bryson feat. Roberta Flack - -
It Might Be You (@ 88:16)
Roberta Flack - -
A request came in for this haunting tune from John Legend. From the album, Love In The Future, this is All Of Me.
All Of Me (@ 95:25)
John Legend - -
I Can't Make You Love Me (@ 101:06)
Adele Harley - -
He Stopped Loving Her Today (@ 104:46)
Beres Hammond - -
I Still Love You (@ 109:07)
Sanchez - -
Requested by Jeremy and Family. I hope this was the correct choice!! :-)
Groovy Little Thing (@ 111:37)
Tarrus Riley - -
Requested by The Bossman from Tropical Heat restaurant. Gregory for you.
Night Nurse (@ 114:04)
Gregory Isaacs - -
Let's Get It On (@ 118:29)
Morgan Heritage - -
Interactive CKCU
O'shea Adagio (host)
Glad to be back with you tonight. Welcome to Vintage Love.

10:12 PM, February 15th, 2014
Thanks for the big up O'Shea! It was great having you last week. Glad you enjoyed it as I am now enjoying Vintage Love.

10:19 PM, February 15th, 2014
Julie D
Welcome back Oshea....its never the same without you (she did a ggod job though). Happy Valentine's Day. Congratulations on 10 years. Nice opening..I love it, it draws me in and demands my attention.

10:32 PM, February 15th, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
Thank you Jaimanne. It was nice to meet you and congrats on a fantastic evening of music, education, entertainment and groovin' (and who can forget the food too). :-) Thank you for tuning in. I hope you enjoy the show tonight.

10:32 PM, February 15th, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
Hey Julie, how are you doing? Thank you for welcoming me back. Thank you for your Valentines Day wishes.. no chocolates or sweets for me. :-( haha I hope you had a great Valentines Day with everything/everyone that makes you feel special. :-)

10:48 PM, February 15th, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
Oh ya... I am glad you like the new intro. Was workin on that for weeks..hmmmm scratch that.. months :-) so... I am glad people seem to like it. For this show.. it is true... "Love Is Fundamental".

10:52 PM, February 15th, 2014
Julie D
No chocolates, no sweets but lots of love, I'm sure! There must be a heart out there that is filled with that special love just for you.

10:58 PM, February 15th, 2014
You're welcome! This show is definitely becoming one of my favorites. This could really change my life according to word on the street. Lol!!

10:59 PM, February 15th, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
Hopefully lots of love from the VL fans... much love goes out to you. :-)

11:05 PM, February 15th, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
Haha.... Hopefully it will become one of your favorites. Change your life.... haha.. now that is hilarious. At least I hope it makes your Saturday nights even better than they were before. 'bout word on the street.. I am dyin' in here laughin at that one. Love it!

11:07 PM, February 15th, 2014
Loving the 10 years hail up! Congrats! ! Looking forward to more...

11:26 PM, February 15th, 2014
VL Valentine
Oshea? Will u be my valentine or are you already taken?

11:28 PM, February 15th, 2014
Timeless Love songs!
The ONLY thing better than one Roberta is TWO Roberta....Hmmm mmmm...keep dem love tunes coming. Lawd, I'm just swooning in the waves of the love songs you are dropping. Hmmm mmm. Sweet!! Hmmm mmm!!

11:41 PM, February 15th, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
Thank you Sauns.. hoping for many more too. :-)

11:47 PM, February 15th, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
If you will be my valentine??

11:52 PM, February 15th, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
Thanks for chattin with me tonight ya'll. Love ya and Happy Valentines Day.

11:59 PM, February 15th, 2014
VL Valentine
Done!!!! Kisses and hugs and more kisses!!

12:10 AM, February 16th, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
Are these of the Hershey's chocolate variety????!?!?! :-)

1:54 AM, February 16th, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
Hey Timeless... Roberta anytime. :-) If you like those songs, then please be sure to join me for Vintage Love's next detour show on March 1st. More "swooning in the waves". I hope you'll join me then. Stay safe until we can sing, dance and play with those memories together again. :-)

3:51 AM, February 16th, 2014
Timeless Love Songs
I'll definitely be tuning in for the Detour show. I love classic timesless songs...Dionne Warrick, Patti Labelle, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Peobo ("Tonight, I celebrate my love for you" about classic tunes). We were singing those songs, before we even knew what love was all about!!:-)Tee Hee!!

8:31 AM, February 16th, 2014
T. Luv Songz
I especially like the words of the song 'Lookin' like love' - ("It's too early in the game to know how far we'll go...."). Realistic words about love, and that it doesn't happen overnight. (It takes time to grow & blossom!:-).

9:43 AM, February 16th, 2014
Hershey's chocolate!! You are toooo hilarious O'Shea!! Well if Ms. Lady wants to be your Valentine, she'd better be prepared to deal with your funny antics that you can so often whip up in a quick minute!! (Which makes you all the more fun...depending on the level of a person's sense of humour). Either are a force to be reckonned whoever wants to take up the interesting challenge....

11:16 AM, February 16th, 2014
Tunes 4 Life!!
Love the pic above, reminds me of summer! So you have reached a fork in the road. Well...whatever route you choose, I'll be tagging right behind you...because the songs you play on Saturday nights are like honey to my ears. "...and I can't live a day without you".

1:11 PM, February 16th, 2014
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