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Vintage Love
Saturday February 9th, 2013 with O'shea Adagio
"The Baby Maker"

Whiter Shade Of Pale
Byron Lee And The Dragonairs - -
What's Wrong Wid Wi
Steele And George Nooks - - Canadian
Lazo - - Canadian
Stand Alone
Bob Marley & The Wailers - -
Everlasting Love
Glen Ricketts - - Canadian
God Bless You
Osmond Collins - -
His Blood Is Still Flowing
George Banton - - Canadian
Give All To Jesus
Carlene Davis - -
Courtney John - - Canadian
Stir It Up
Bob Marley & The Wailers - -
Only A Fool
Mighty Sparrow - -
Key To The World
Ruddy Thomas - -
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
Jamelody - -
Is This Love
Bob Marley & The Wailers - -
Music Gonna Teach(Music Lesson)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - -
My Way
Ossie Scott - -
Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You
George Benson - -
The Closer I Get To You
Roberta Flack And Donny Hathaway - -
A Letter To Myself
The Chi-Lites - -
After The Love Has Gone
Earth, Wind & Fire - -
Love Ballad
L.T.D. - -
My Cherie Amour
Stevie Wonder - -
Commodores - -
I Believe In You And Me
David Peaston - -
I'll Never Love This Way Again
Dionne Warwick - -
My My My
Johnny Gill - -
5 Steps
Dru Hill - -
Interactive CKCU
O'shea Adagio (host)
I hope you are enjoying your Saturday night so far.

10:24 PM, February 9th, 2013
Mr. O'Shea, How are you? Do you have Bob Marleys - "Music gonna teach them one lesson". If you do and if you have time, please play it for us. Thanks.

10:25 PM, February 9th, 2013
Mr. B/ Uncle Bossy says thank you for the birthday songs and greetings! The greeting capped off his birth-night, thanks to you :-)

10:53 PM, February 9th, 2013
good evening mr dj,very nice show, please play Wild thing groovistic by bingie barker

11:07 PM, February 9th, 2013
Thanks O'Shea for the Marley song. Enjoying the show usual. Happy Valentine's on Thurs.

11:18 PM, February 9th, 2013
O'shea Adagio (host)
Glad to be able to play your Marley request for you.

11:19 PM, February 9th, 2013
O'shea Adagio (host)
Happy Birthday Uncle Bossy.. wishing you many many more! You are welcome.. my pleasure. :-)

11:21 PM, February 9th, 2013
O'shea Adagio (host)
JP thank you for your request. I hope you dont mind me adding this to next weeks playlist.. I had promised to play some R&B, Soul etc. as this is my last show before Valentines Day. I hope you dont mind.

11:28 PM, February 9th, 2013
thats cool man i will be listening next week, as usual..thank you

11:35 PM, February 9th, 2013
O'shea Adagio (host)
Thanks alot.. I appreciate that very much and thanks for tuning into Vintage Love.

11:37 PM, February 9th, 2013
Vintage Fan
Whew O'Shea!'re killing us with those smooth silky lovesongs!'re definitely setting the pace for Valentine's Day!!:-)

11:38 PM, February 9th, 2013
O'shea Adagio (host)
Thank You VL Fan!! Glad you are enjoying this short detour to these love songs. Wishing you a love filled Valentines Day when it comes (hopefully everyday is filled with love for you but especially on Valentines) :-)

11:45 PM, February 9th, 2013
Vintage Fan
To you as well O'Shea. You know we love you year-round!!

11:57 PM, February 9th, 2013
O'shea Adagio (host)
Thank you... that brings a smile to my face.. thank you very much!!

11:58 PM, February 9th, 2013
Mr. Music Doctor O'Shea...(hope you can help me on this one). My dreamguy, the person I'd like to be my Valentine has placed a stipulation on me, and it seem as if I won't be able to see him this Valentine. Anyway, I would like to request a song on your next show...just for my 'Pumpkin'. (Sam Cooke's - "No one can take your place") or a cover of the song. Thanks.

2:32 AM, February 10th, 2013
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