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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday April 14th, 2018 with Steve Kirkland
extraordinary beats and bleats

the Beating of My Heart
OLIVER SCHROER - O2/Solo FIddle - 1999, Big Dog Canadian
Extraordinary Heart
ERIKA WENNERSTROM - Sweet Unknown - 2018, Partisan New
Stray Cat Blues (Rolling Stones cover)
SOUNDGARDEN - 7-inch (pic disc) B-side - 1991, A&M
Impuros Fanáticos
FUMAÇA PRETA - Impuros Fanáticos - 2016, Soundway
Sulphureous Haze
the SELFISH CALES - Throw Your Watch to the Water - 2015, Record Union
Hip Coat (instrumental)
the DELTA '72 - 7-inch B-side - 1995, Kill Rock Stars
I Don't Know What to Believe
the DISCARDED - Manifesto - 2017, Rock Bottom Canadian
Death Was Too Kind
the SUBHUMANS - 12-inch A-side - 1979, Quintessence Canadian
the Beating of My Heart (musical bed)
OLIVER SCHROER - O2/Solo FIddle - 1999, Big Dog Canadian
God's So Good
DR. JOHN - Locked Down - 2012, Nonesuch
Mind Your Business
BLUE MINK - Real Mink - 1970, Philips
Son of Sam (Chain Gang cover)
the JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - 7-inch A-side - 1992, In the Red
Feb. 4 '99 (for All Those Killed by Cops)
MIKE LADD - V.A.: The Unbound Project Volume 1 - 2000, Ground Control
Kwa Nqingetje
BLK JKS - After Robots - 2009, Secretly Canadian
Tourner Incessamment Dans L'éclatement Euphorique de Soi (excerpt)
AVEC LE SOLEIL SORTANT DE SA BOUCHE - Pas Pir Pop [I ♡ You So Much] - 2017, Constellation Canadian
Black Panther
CRYSTAL CASTLES - Crystal Castles - 2008, Lies/Last Gang Canadian
A CERTAIN RATIO - Sextet - 1982, Factory
KARL BLAKE - the Prehensile Tales - 1980, Normal
Ain't It Good to Be Free
BO DIDDLEY - 7-inch B-side - 1984, New Rose
the Beating of My Heart (musical bed)
OLIVER SCHROER - O2/Solo FIddle - 1999, Big Dog Canadian
Watch Outside
the MONO MEN - Wrecker - 1994, Estrus
Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys cover)
PEARL JAM - 7-inch A-side - 1992, Epic
Black Jack
the HIVES - Barely Legal - 1998, Burning Heart
Deuce (Kiss cover)
HELLMENN - V.A.: Hard to Believe - a Kiss Covers Album - 1990, C/Z
Buick Makane (T-Rex cover)
GUNS'n'ROSES - the Spaghetti Incident - 1993, Geffen
Wild in the Streets (Garland Jeffreys cover)
CIRCLE JERKS - Wild in the Streets - 1982, Faulty Products
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding (Brinsley Schwarz cover) (instrumental)
los STRAITJACKETS - What's So Funny About Peace, Love and los Straitjackets? - 2017, Yep Roc
Pen Pals (Sloan cover)
HUPP - V.A.: If It Feels Good Do It - a tribute to Sloan - 2017, Futureman Canadian
Ready for You
SLOAN - Action Pact - 2003, BMG Canadian
C Rotces Morf Epacse (instrumental)
MOTHS & LOCUSTS - Escape From Sector C - 2012, Noiseagonymayhem Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Steve Kirkland (host)
Interact here and now.. or later

6:08 PM, April 14th, 2018
Yay! The Selfish Cales on the Radio. Thanks Steve.

6:29 PM, April 14th, 2018
Steve Kirkland (host)
Thanks, Wally. There was still no sign of snow/ice when I came in tonight... BBQing after all?

6:32 PM, April 14th, 2018
I actually thought of going ahead with the BBQ but with all the weather scare tactics we opted for Chile instead but still no snow. The poor weatherman - just like the song by The Wake - they set you up and let you down, I feel just like the weatherman - Something Outside by The Wake

6:37 PM, April 14th, 2018
Dave JC.
Here and now!

6:58 PM, April 14th, 2018
Steve Kirkland (host)
Hey Dave, glad to have you back in the swing of the thing...

7:05 PM, April 14th, 2018
Dave JC.
Here and Now with Kif Kif and definitely swinging! I liked that little selection, especially the Mono Men. Sonic Reducer opening chords is very similar to the opening chords of Flux of Pink Indians' Tube Disaster.

7:47 PM, April 14th, 2018
Dave JC.
Or I should say Tube Disaster's opening chords sound like Sonic Reducer!

8:36 PM, April 14th, 2018
Steve Kirkland (host)
Just to point out re the Sloan cover that, Yes, I was mistaken, the original version was in fact from their second album...

9:37 AM, April 15th, 2018
Andy Cale
Very glad to hear our "Sulphureous Haze" on air, greetings from Italy! You can find our stuff on our website:

1:08 PM, April 15th, 2018
Steve Kirkland (host)
Hi Andy, nice to hear from you in Italy (Turin, home of Juventus) and thanks for the link to The Selfish Cales website.

6:38 PM, April 15th, 2018