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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday February 3rd, 2018 with Steve Kirkland
Socanadianeh... not all, mind...

Outside Chance (Dreamfangs) (excerpt, musical bed)
SAM SHALABI - On Hashish - 2001, ALien Canadian
Directions for Going
BABS EAGER and the FLAMING CHIAUAHAS - V.A.: Changed - Tribute to Change of Heart - 2001, Independent Canadian
For week three of exploring the box set "Cerebral Sounds of Brain Records 1972-1979"", tonight's show includes three tracks from LPs released on the German label in 1974 and 1975...
Waiting for the Sunshine
JANE - Lady - 1975, Brain
There Is Nothing Before You But Thang
PARLIAMENT - Osmium - 1970, Invictus
Too Much Carousing
GODDO - Who Cares - 1978, Polydor Canadian
Midnight Hour
the SETBACKS - Bless My Soul - 2007, Independent Canadian
Sky Musings
WOLF ALICE - Visions of a Life - 2017, Dirty Hit New
Desert Places
SATIN WHALE - Desert Places - 1974, Brain
On & On Corridor
OCS (Thee Oh Sees) - Memory of a Cut Off Head - 2018, Castle Face New
Outside Chance (Dreamfangs) (excerpt, musical bed)
SAM SHALABI - On Hashish - 2001, Alien Canadian
So Tel Me
CREEF - Good Herbs - 1988, Independent Canadian
Looking Through Baby Blue
ELEPHANT STONE - Elephant Stone - 2013, the Reverberation Appreciation Society Canadian
There's No Blood in Bone
the POPPY FAMILY - Which Way You Going Billy? - 1969, London Canadian
Frost in Florida
BOB WISEMAN - presented by Lake Michigan Soda - 1991, Carpe Diem Canadian
LEWIS FUREY - the Sky is Falling - 1979, Aquarius Canadian
Check Out Time 11 AM
SPARKS - 7-inch A-side - 2017, BMG
Outside Chance (Dreamfangs) (excerpt, musical bed)
SAM SHALABI - On Hashish - 2001, Alien Canadian
PACHYDERRM - Parabola - 2010, Independent Canadian
Plastic Machinery (Sleaford Mods remix)
the CHARLATANS - 7-inch A-side - 2017, BMG
Hell in Your Head
SAINT CLARE - Saint CLare - 2016, Independent Canadian
NOVALIS - Novalis - 1975, Brain
Wizard's Council (instrumental)
PRIDE TIGER - the Lucky Ones - 2007, EMI Canadian
Solitude/Snowblind (Black Sabbath covers)
JASON MOLINA - 7-inch A-side(s) - 2017, Secretly Canadian, recorded in 1998
Outside Chance (Dreamfangs) (excerpt, musical bed)
SAM SHALABI - On Hashish - 2001, Alien Canadian
More Like It
CHRIS PAGE - V.A.: Will the Bytown be Unbroken - Kelp Records 12th Anniversary Compilation - 2006, Kelp Canadian
WEAVES - Wide Open - 2017, Buzz/Sunrise Canadian
PLUTO - Cool Way to Feel - 1995, Mint Canadian
Show Me the Sun
BELLE & SEBASTIAN - How to Solve Our Human Problems Pt. 2 (ep) - 2018, Matador New
Canadian Tired
ADAM & the AMETHYSTS - Flickering Flashlight - 2011, Kelp Canadian
TY SEGALL - Freedom's Goblin - 2018, Drag City New
Interactive CKCU
Steve Kirkland (host)
Slow on the uptake tonight... parking and other delaying forces conspiring to force me to take deep breaths...

6:19 PM, February 3rd, 2018
Steve Kirkland (host)
Testing 1-2-3...

6:37 PM, February 3rd, 2018
Steve Kirkland (host)
Maybe I have to beg for some interaction? Feel free to prove otherwise...

6:49 PM, February 3rd, 2018
Steve! Keep the great tunes coming. I need a soundtrack to the sad sack story of me trying to complete report cards.

6:57 PM, February 3rd, 2018
Steve Kirkland (host)
Hey Manmohan... glad to be soundtracking such a noble endeavour... hope the music won't detract from your objectivity...

7:10 PM, February 3rd, 2018
Mike P.
Hi, Steve. For weeks been craving a Tyrrannasourus fix , with the percussion and beautifully wingy rhymes. There are words that rhyme in every language. The last song I requested during your show was Torn and Frayed maybe 15 years ago, when I had a home phone.

7:10 PM, February 3rd, 2018
Dave JC
....3-5-6 here.

7:11 PM, February 3rd, 2018
Dick Altavista
Loving the show. Great Saint Clare track!

7:21 PM, February 3rd, 2018
Steve Kirkland (host)
Hey Mike, as always, nice to hear from you...i'm impressed by your memory... how about I aim to satisfy your current craving next week? what's another 7 days after 15 years? ill throw in both Tyrannosaurus (Rex) craving next week... i'll even throw in torn & frayed...

7:22 PM, February 3rd, 2018
Steve Kirkland (host)
Hola, DJC... do you read the G&M? An article on the imminent (seems almost guaranteed) ouster of the Blues' dervish manager...

7:24 PM, February 3rd, 2018
Steve Kirkland (host)
Hi Dick, glad the music's tantalizing... bon appetit!

7:24 PM, February 3rd, 2018
Dave JC.
No, I didn't read it, but the ouster wouldn't surprise me given recent history of the owners. Liked the PACHYDERRM trk. New to me, and the Charlatans trk.

7:31 PM, February 3rd, 2018
Listening but no comment :)

7:33 PM, February 3rd, 2018
Mike P.
you know I was at a thrift shop on Wellington around that many years ago. I bought 2 or three Tyrannosaurus records(checked your spelling thanks) and the girl on cash showed me the original Exile avec post cards from behind the counter which she pulled rank on to keep for her self. A happy day overall. Thanks for the nod Steve. Oh, will be looking forward to next weeks playlist too!

7:45 PM, February 3rd, 2018