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Canadian Spaces
Saturday June 4th, 2022 with Carolyn Sutherland and Chris White
Vinta, Eve Goldberg (Gathering Sparks)

Music and conversation with Vinta and Gathering Sparks
Carolyn Sutherland presents '40 minutes of uninterrupted folk'
Eva's Tune
Anna Ludlow - Wherever You Go Canadian
Hopelessly Devoted
Fawn Wood - Kakike Canadian
Stay Alive
Mustafa - When Smoke Rises Canadian
Para Dos
Alex Cuba - Mendó Canadian
Tu ne seras jamais là (feat. Alexandra Stréliski)
Cœur de pirate - Impossible à aimer Canadian
Suzie Ungerleider - My Name Is Suzie Ungerleider Canadian
Better Now
Serena Ryder - The Art Of Falling Apart Canadian
Lonesome Bluebird
Over The Moon - Chinook Waltz Canadian
Donegal (A Lament From the Tre...
The Fugitives - Trench Songs Canadian
Dream of Home
Alan Doyle - Back to the Harbour Canadian
From Dublin with Love
Maria Dunn - Joyful Banner Blazing Canadian
Allison Russell - Outside Child Canadian
Wherever You Go
Anna Ludlow - - Road Jigs Canadian
The Healing Garden
Dave Clarke - The Healing Garden Canadian
Lost, Lonesome Cowboy
Sonny Aiken - Lost, Lonesome Cowboy Canadian
Hour 2: Interview with Vinta (Emilyn Stam, John David Williams, Nathan Smith and Robert Alan Mackie). They perform in Chelsea at La Fab sur Mill this evening at 7:30 – see
Mazurka d'après Marcel Lagardère
Vinta - Vinta Plays Lagardère Canadian
Polka d'après Marcel Lagardère
Vinta - Vinta Plays Lagardère Canadian
#40 March
Vinta - Vinta Plays Storm Canadian
Scottish 03:26
Vinta - Vinta Plays Faurer Canadian
Many Sparks Make A Fire
Gathering Sparks - All That's Real Canadian
Interview with Eve Goldberg of Gathering Sparks. They perform in Perth Saturday evening, June 4 and in Ottawa on Sunday afternoon, June 5 – see
Summer Of The Rain
Gathering Sparks - All That's Real Canadian
Choose Love
Eve Goldberg - Canadian
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