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Canadian Spaces
Saturday May 8th, 2021 with Ray Barfitt and Chris White
Mike Regenstreif, Shelley Ann Morris

Music lover Ray Barfitt drops by to share '40 minutes of uninterrupted folk' and chat about music with CKCU hosts Chris White, Mike Regenstreif and Shelley Ann Morris.
40 minutes of uninterrupted folk' courtesy of Ray Barfitt
Blind Travelers
Bill Denoff -
Blind Man
Otis Span and Little Steve Wonder -
How About You
Jesse Winchester - Canadian
Leslie is Different
Fred Small -
Billy The Bum
John Prine -
Westering Home
Alice Farence and Diane Lible - Canadian
Nebraska Widow
John Stewart and Buffy Ford -
The Bush Girl
Priscilla Herdman -
Shady Gate
Ferron - Driver Canadian
Tickle Cove Pond
Ron Hynes - Canadian
Night in the City
Joni Mitchell - Canadian
The Jeannie C
Stan Rogers - Fogarty's Cove Canadian
Four-Letter Word
Laura Smith - b'tween the earth and my soul Canadian
Chris White interviews Ray Barfitt
25th Hour of the Day
Ian Tamblyn - Canadian
The People You Love
Lynn Miles - Black Flowers – Volume 2 Canadian
Trip to Restoule
Arnie Naiman and Kathy Reid-Naiman - 5 Strings Attached – Volume 1 Canadian
Dala - Everyone Is Someone Canadian
A Fool For Every Season
Eugene Ruffolo - A Fool For Every Season
Travellin Blues
Diana Braithwaite and Chris Whiteley - Canadian
Ray Barfitt interviews Mike Regenstreif
The Stranger Song
Leonard Cohen - Songs of Leonard Cohen Canadian
Priscilla Herdman - Forgotten Dreams
Ray Barfitt interviews Shelley Ann Morris
Don't Let Go
Roy Forbes - Edge of Blue Canadian
Take This Mountain
Shawna Caspi - Forest Fire Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Good morning - very moving set, perfect for a rainy Saturday.

10:21 AM, May 8th, 2021
Karen Oxorn
Enjoying the program with lot of songs I'd never heard before by artist I didn't know. Looking forward to that Joni tune.

10:36 AM, May 8th, 2021
What a wonderful selection of music - can't beat Tickle Cove Pond either (a Mark Walker composition - a rare Ron Hynes cover).

10:56 AM, May 8th, 2021
tear up over any Laura Smith song now....

11:00 AM, May 8th, 2021
Karen Oxorn
Love hearing Ray's reminiscences!

11:03 AM, May 8th, 2021
Chris White (host)
Thanks for your comments, Patricia, Karen, Ron and hillbilly!

11:11 AM, May 8th, 2021
Mandy Wood
I lived in Ottawa 1987 to 1999 and used to listen to Canadian spaces and the back forty every week. I am now in the Uk and just discovered you are still broadcasting! Fond memories lovely to here about Rasputins, gctc and acoustic waves series

11:19 AM, May 8th, 2021
Chris White (host)
Mandy -- how nice that you're tuning in after all these years -- welcome back!

11:26 AM, May 8th, 2021
Mandy wood
Whoops sorry hear not here. Omg I am loving this!

11:27 AM, May 8th, 2021
Extremely moving selection of songs - many thanks!

11:29 AM, May 8th, 2021
Jim Mountain
really great show today...excellent theme to focus on - accessibility for festivals and concerts...

12:39 PM, May 8th, 2021
Shelley Ann Morris
Hello Everyone, What a delightful show! Loved it. I was more than happy to be a part of it. Thank you so much Chris and Ray for including me! Thank goodness for CKCU and for all the ‘folks’ who keep folk music alive and well in Ottawa

1:09 PM, May 8th, 2021
Moving selection of songs sensitivey performed... Leslie is Different -- a triumph of love! Found the lyrics online; the version aired was very good.

6:54 PM, May 8th, 2021