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Canadian Spaces
Saturday May 30th, 2020 with Carolyn Sutherland and Chris White
Lynn Miles, Dave Gunning, Tim Chaisson, Kara Golota

Carolyn Sutherland shares 40 minutes of uninterrupted folk. Lynn Miles talks about the album she's releasing on July 3 -- her 15th! -- and shares the title track, "We'll Look For Stars". Dave Gunning calls in from Pictou, Nova Scotia with updates on his activities during his unexpected time at home... and the chicken house he's building that has been receiving attention from across the country! (Check out the video he posted here: Tim Chaisson describes the scene in Australia when The East Pointers' tour came to a sudden halt. he also gives the background on the "Anne-demic" reading series they created in which people read aloud from Anne of Green Gables. Irene's Pub co-owner Kara Golota describes how they are shifting gears to continue nourishing the community with awesome food and uplifting live music.
The East Pointers - Yours to Break Canadian
Little Flower
Emily Rockarts - Little Flower Canadian
The Small Glories - Assiniboine & the Red Canadian
Just Like Paris
Campbell Woods - Fool for You Canadian New
Sin and Swoon - Josephine Canadian
Figure It Out
Karen Savoca - I Shook the Tree
Red River Racer
Richard Inman - Faded Love Better Days Canadian New
Just Get Here
Sarah Harmer - Are You Gone Canadian New
All Hands
Tim Baker - Forever Overhead Canadian
Brave Face
Diyet and the Love Soldiers - Diyet and the Love Soldiers Canadian
Interview with Lynn Miles (
We'll Look for Stars
Lynn Miles - We'll Look for Stars Canadian New
She Would Have Loved This
Lynn Miles - . Canadian
Interview with Dave Gunning (
Ferris Wheel
Dave Gunning - Up Against the Sky Canadian
Interview with Tim Chaisson from The East Pointers (
Power to Move
The East Pointers - Yours to Break Canadian
Interview with Kara Golota from Irene's Pub (
Walking in the Dark
Brock Zeman - Pulling Your Sword Out of the Devil's Back Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Tim A
Nice to hear Richard Inman. Just watched a Facebook Live show of Richard and Amber Nielsen (from Sweet Alibi) a week or so ago. Purchased Richard's latest album digitally on Bandcamp immediately after the show. Some beautiful writing and a great voice.

10:51 AM, May 30th, 2020
Maria Hawkins
This morning's shows have brought so much joy to my heart. Thank you! I recharge with my Saturday Mornin' tradition - Turn off the news/phone and grab my Coffee and CKCU. It's 'my' time to calm my chaotic brain. You take me to other places outside me. With the whole week inside my head, I could just go screaming from myself! My heart needs to hear other souls like me. I was too young when I met Chopper McKinnon to appreciate all that he meant to our community. It was the first "Blues Cruise" and I had been invited to go and sit in on the jam. Later at the Sunday jam at the Rainbow I asked my new friend, Brian ‘The Source’ Murphy. about this new thing. He told me it would be the place to listen, learn, meet good souls and another opportunity to further develop my craft. He winked that it was a group of folks who where happy to share their space and their stage. Come and have a laugh. It was a great communal experience. It was a little chilly and everyone knew each other but didn't know me. Brian appeared at my side and began introducing me to people including Chopper. Chopper welcomed me with his smile and huge heart. He could see that I was nervous and definitely not in my comfort zone and he hung back asking about my interest in the local scene. He spoke so naturally to my spirit as he had something nice to say about several of the folks around. These common souls who do well for others and all of society through their gifts. He spoke to something that was already inside of me. He only asked a couple of questions given his years of doing interviewers. That and I talk more and faster when I’m nervous and I was certainly that. Chopper picked up on that and set me to rest by telling me about the other people and performers who not only perform, but whose performances contribute to the vibrancy of the city. I liked that very much and decided on the spot that I would not just be a performer that I would always contribute to the community. I’m grateful to Brian for convincing me to ta

2:43 PM, May 30th, 2020