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Canadian Spaces
Saturday February 8th, 2020 with Ian Tamblyn and Chris White
Part Three of a guided tour through Ian Tamblyn's 44 albums

This is Part Three of a fabulous guided tour through Ian Tamblyn's 44 albums, with the stories behind them delivered in captivating style by this multi-talented world traveller. You can listen back to the previous two instalments of this exceptional retrospective in CKCU's 'On Demand' archive here: * Part One (Oct. 5, 2019): * Part Two (Dec. 7, 2019):
Dog Tail Wagging
Ian Tamblyn - Walking the Bones Canadian
Ian Tamblyn - The Epic Rock Album Canadian
Arc of Dreams and Prayers
Ian Tamblyn - Antarctic Songbook Canadian
Ian Tamblyn - Side by Each Canadian
That Boxcar in Algoma
Ian Tamblyn - Walking in the Footsteps Canadian
Albert Be My Buddha
Ian Tamblyn - Connected Canadian
The Two Inch Brush
Ian Tamblyn - In Dreams Behold Canadian
Frog’s Night Out
Ian Tamblyn - Frog’s Night Out! Canadian
You are this Place
Ian Tamblyn - The Labrador Canadian
Where the Wild River Flows
Ian Tamblyn - Te Na Gadino Canadian
Catwalk on the Gatineau
Ian Tamblyn - Instrumental Canadian
Let it Go
Ian Tamblyn - Let it Go Canadian
Bay of Sails
Hart Rouge - Days of Sun and Wind Canadian
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Grace Smith
There is nothing better than listening to Ian's stories and songs on a cold winters day!

10:10 AM, February 8th, 2020
Ooooh, Rebecca accompanying! (Sailor)

10:31 AM, February 8th, 2020
Frank Smith
Great show Ian and Chris! Ian Tambyn is a national treasurer and Canada's greatest songwriter, in my opinion!

10:41 AM, February 8th, 2020
Frank Smith
"...national treasure..." not "national treasurer"... :-)

10:43 AM, February 8th, 2020
Joyce MacPhee
Well Ian Tamblyn is a treasurer of a sort... of some of our priceless Canadian culture! Good to hear more of Ian's music, and the stories behind the songs!

10:48 AM, February 8th, 2020
Well, ok, maybe not "national" treasurer, but an important treasurer indeed.

10:51 AM, February 8th, 2020
"They're pathetic, but they're amusing." Excellent!

10:53 AM, February 8th, 2020
Christophe Elie
Enjoying the stories, loved “The Sailor” and portrayals of this land’s history through song. Thanks Ian, thanks Chris.

10:54 AM, February 8th, 2020

11:00 AM, February 8th, 2020
Thanks for playing that Frog's Night Out.. Love the 'leopard-skin suit' -- reminds me of seeing those little leopard frogs decades ago. Bright green but with those black spots. I hope the species is still around!

11:22 AM, February 8th, 2020
Still wondering what is the reference to "the Montreal was tumbling down" in the Boxcar song. Ian Tamblyn if you see this could you tell us please? I bought that Group of Seven album and had to get extra copy as gift for a Canadian ex-pat (BTW that's ideal for sending to anyone with memories of Canada who can't be here.)

11:25 AM, February 8th, 2020
Frank Smith
I echo the comments about the timelessness of Ian Tamblyn's albums and the great sound. I agree with Ian that Nick Drake's brilliant albums remain timeless and Joe Boyd can be thanked for that.

11:49 AM, February 8th, 2020
Frank Smith
Let it Go is a song of pure genius. The most recent album may be Ian's best.

11:50 AM, February 8th, 2020
Jim Mountain
from first seeing you in Thunder Bay in the early 70's to've given us a beautiful, timeless ( in your words) soundtrack to our lives...feeling blessed by your body of work..thank you !

11:55 AM, February 8th, 2020