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Canadian Spaces
Saturday December 30th, 2017 with Ray Harris & Ian Tamblyn
Last show of the year! Live in studio performances by Chelsea Reed, Eniid Goodman, Shawn Tavenier, Ian Tamblyn & Ray Harris...

He Shoots, He Scores
Anne Lindsay - News From Up The Street Canadian
You Want It Darker
Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker Canadian
The Tears of Mary
Oliver Schroer - Camino Canadian
Feeling Beautiful
Anne Janelle - I Didn't Want To Break It Canadian
Lonely For Awhile
Jesse Winchester - Love Filling Station Canadian
Why'd I Buy The Ticket
Kate Weekes - s/t Canadian
Beware (Oh Take Care)
Sneezy Waters - s/t Canadian
Song Of The Lake
Annie Sumi - In The Unknown Canadian
Lesson Learned
Ray Lamontagne - Till the Sun Turns Black
Sarah Bradley and Fevers - . Canadian
Interlude 1
Anne Janelle - I Didn't Want To Break It Canadian
Bottom Of A Bottle
Kayla Luky - Back To Dirt Canadian
More Often Than Not
Ian & Sylvia - s/t Canadian
Thrown To The Wolves
Tom Russell & Cindy Church - Play One More - The Songs of Ian and Sylvia Canadian
Paris Afternoon
Ian Tamblyn - Live in Studio Canadian
Let It Go
Ian Tamblyn - Live in Studio Canadian
Raised On Robbery
The Blue Shadows - On The Floor Of Heaven (bonus disc) Canadian
This Flight Tonight
Eniid Goodman - Live in Studio Canadian
Little Green
Eniid Goodman - Live in Studio Canadian
For Free
The Byrds - s/t Canadian
Chelsea Reed - Live in Studio Canadian
My House
Chelsea Reed - Live in Studio Canadian
Hey Solitude
.Shawn Tavenier - Live in Studio Canadian
Big Old American Cars
Ray Harris - Live in Studio Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Anne Winship aka Mama Burger
Great list and info dudes! Also re: Oliver Schroer - James Stephens is working with Wakefield/Chelsea youth on Schroer tunes and more. Their group is Angus Burger & the Fiddlin' Fries - and they're looking at a date in Spring at the Sheep! And theyll be in with Christ White on this show before - so heads up!

10:58 AM, December 30th, 2017
Jim Mountain
Truly great to hear Ian Tamblyn and his rich stories of connections, song origins, personalities, experiences, and perspectives ! Ian should have a national radio show - a true treasure.

11:16 AM, December 30th, 2017
Always enjoy hearing Shawn's solo music!!

11:57 AM, December 30th, 2017
Ray Harris (host)
Thanks everyone for the comments and for tuning in!

3:31 PM, December 30th, 2017