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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday November 27th, 2010 with Chopper

We Got a Love Like That
Rick Fines & Suzie Vinnick - Nothing Halfway Canadian
Tall Tall Tree
Susan Cogan - The Fields of Friendship Canadian
As I Roved Out
Loreena McKennitt - The Wind That Shakes the Barley Canadian
Diamond Shine
Cris Cuddy - Diamond Shine Canadian
All the Stars
Paul Quarrington - The Songs Canadian
I Just Don't See No Reason
Ryan Van Bellegham - Another Man Canadian
Anything But Friends
Cindy Church | Murray McLaughlin - More Lunch at Allen's Canadian
What'll I Do
Russell Levia - So Rare Canadian
Song of the Candle
Stan Rogers - Turnaround Canadian
Ron Hynes - Stealing Genius Canadian
Angles in the Snow
David Keeble - Christmas GOOSE Canadian
Cranberry Chop
Lynne Hanson - The Christmas Platter Canadian
Oh Susanna
John Hanson - It's a Sin To Tell a Lie Canadian
That's Christmas
Chris White - Christmas GOOSE Canadian
The Christmas Kid
Tony Turner - Christmas Platter Canadian
The Queen of Pain
Ball and Chain - Love Bug Canadian
Yellow Moon
Terry Gillespie - Brother of the Blues Canadian
Parting Glass
Al Wood & the Woodsmen - Mood Swingin' Blues Canadian
Out of the Blue
Garth Hudson: A Canadian Celebration of the Band - Mary Margaret O'Hara & The Sadies Canadian
Acadian Driftwood
Garth Hudson: A Canadian Celebration of the Band - Peter Katz & The Curious Canadian
Garth Hudson: A Canadian Celebration of the Band - Bruce Cockburn & Blue Rodeo Canadian
Leave Town
James Keelaghan - House of Cards Canadian
Song of the Lower Classes
Finest Kind - For Honour & For Gain Canadian
More Often Than Not
David Wiffen - David Wiffen Canadian
Sweet William's Ghost
Colette Cheverie - Hours before dawn Canadian