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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday November 20th, 2010 with Chopper
LostColt live in the Studio

I Quit My Job
Old Man Luedeke - Hinterland Canadian
Turn Your Radio On
Bec and Rusty - Tea for Two Canadian
Turn Out the Lights
Stephen Fearing - The Man Who Married Music Canadian
Something Beautifull
Lynn Miles - Fall For Beauty Canadian
Neville Wells - Songs of William Hawkins Canadian
Joni Mitchell - Heirja Canadian
Open Skies Medley
Rawlins Cross - Heart Head Hands Canadian New
Big Stache
Creaking String Quartet - Sundogs Canadian
The Juniper Tree
Paul Beadreau Shane Simpson - Wild Rice Canadian
Ian Tamblyn - Gyre Canadian
Angelina Johnson
Woody Johnson - woody Johnson Canadian
In France They Kiss On Main Street
Joni Mitchell - Dreamland Canadian
Hammer and Steele
Woody Johnson - Woody Johnson Canadian
Fred Eaglesmith - Dusty Canadian
Love and Music
Gary Farrell - Borderman Canadian
Cowboy Bob
Doug McArthur - Letters From the Coast/Sisteron Canadian
Down To the River
Cara Luft - The Light Fantastic Canadian
Alone and Forsaken
Roy Forbes - The Human Kind Canadian
Why Should I be Lonely
Finest Kind - For Homour and for Gain Canadian