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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday December 4th, 2010 with Chopper

When Lovers Leave
Lynne Hanson - Once the Sun Goes Down Canadian
The Ships of St.John
Rob Currie - This Gentlest Country Canadian
Sunshine's Lament & Sunshine
Ferron - Driver Canadian
Pieces of Your Heart
Connie Kaldor - Sky with Nothing to Get In The Way Canadian
Satin On Satin
Willie P. Bennett - Sharpen the Plough Canadian
A Certain Thing
Terry Gillespie - Big Money Canadian
I Am A Rich Man
Old Man Ludeke - Hinterland Canadian
The Maid On the Shore
Stan Rogers - Fogartys Cove Canadian
Picture to Hollywood
Ron Hynes - Best of Ron Hynes Canadian
Hurricane Heart
Ian Tamblyn - Gyre Canadian
Spain In 92
Mike O'Brien - Mike O'Brien Canadian
Sister Moon
The Albion Band - Acousticity
Broken Windows
Greg Kelly - Broken Windows Canadian
Swing That Hammer Down
John Allaire - Up Hill Both Ways Canadian
Lynne Hanson - Once The Sun Goes Down Canadian New
Just For The Ride
Lynne Hanson - Once the Sun Goes Down Canadian New
Mary Mary
Lynne Hanson - Once the Sun Goes Down Canadian New
No Photographs
Harmony Trowbridge - Amoraphobe Canadian
These Roads
Dave Gunning - House For Sale Canadian
One True Kiss
Katherine Wheatley - Landed Canadian
Good Enough
Rose Cousins - If You Were Me Canadian
Lynn Miles - Fall For Beauty Canadian New
The Longest Road
Stephen Fearing - The Man Who Married Music Canadian
Creaking Tree String Quartet - Sundogs Canadian
By the Green Grove
Finest Kind - For Honour For Gain Canadian