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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday June 26th, 2010 with Chopper

Barrett's Privateers (2)
Stan Rogers - Between the Breaks...Live! Canadian
Where Does Love Go Wrong (2)
Ron Hynes - Ron Hynes Canadian
The Great Duncan Heist (5)
James Gordon - My Stars Your Eyes Canadian
Never Your Own (2)
Ferron - Boulder Canadian
A Letter Home (3)
Sneezy Waters - A Letter Home Canadian
Bagpipes on the Tarmac (1)
Nancy White - Bagpipes on the Tarmac Canadian
Signed Sealed Delivered (12)
Steve Schellenberg - Run Away Canadian
Reels and Breathes (12)
John Allaire - Up Hill ... Both Ways Canadian
Not Looking For Love (2)
Karyn Ellis - Even Though The Sky Was Falling Canadian
My Request (11)
Katherine Wheatley - Landed
Deep and Wide (12)
Chris Bartosh - Fort William
I Wish I Felt This Good Without Whiskey (11)
Annie Lou - Annie Lou New
Single Girl
Annie Lou - Annie Lou New
Bowling Green
Annie Lou - Annie Lou New
Up All Night Again
Annie Lou - Annie Lou New
Cutty Wren
Rebecca Barclay - Cinnebar New
Let No Man Steal Your Time
Rebecca Barclay - Cinnebar New
Twa Corbies
Rebecca Barclay - Cinnebar New
Raggle Taggle Gypsies
Rebecca Barclay - Cinnebar New
Whiskey (5)
Lynn Miles - Chalk This One Up to the Moon Canadian
Turned Down Flat (10)
Valdy - Viva Valdy Live at Last Canadian
Waltzing Matilda (7)
David Ross Macdonald - Knuckled Brass and Bone
By Your Side (11)
Jill Zmud - As We Quietly Drive By Canadian
The Long Road (12)
Cliff Eberhardt - 500 Miles The Blue Rock Sessions
Beguiling Eyes (4)
Stephen Fearing - The Man Who Married Music Canadian
Raven and Ray Charles (8)
Ian Tamblyn - Gyre Canadian
Carmichael (1)
Ian Tamblyn - Willisville Mountain Canadian