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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday July 3rd, 2010 with Chopper

North West Passage
Stan Rogers - North West Passage Canadian
Gt.Canadian Railroad Trilogy
Gordon Lightfoot - Sunday Concert Canadian
Prairie Railroad
Tony Turner - The Lost Sketches Canadian
Rickety Old Railroad Track
Connie Kaldor - Sky with Nothing to Get in The Way Canadian
The Longest Road
Stephen Fearing - The Assasins Apprentice Canadian
Famous Blue Raincoat
Leonard Cohen - The Essential L.C. Canadian
Where the Water Meets the Sand
Paul Bourdeau & Shane Simpson - Wild Rice Canadian
Red River Flood
Murray McLauchlan - Songs From the Street Canadian
Dance in theEvermore
Lynne Hanson - Eleven Months Canadian
Jockey Full of Bourbon
Christine Graves - Stray Canadian
The Garden
Ruth Moody - The Garden Canadian New
Cold Outside
Ruth Moody - The Garden Canadian New
Travellin Shoes
Ruth Moody - The Garden Canadian New
There Stands the Glass
Russell Levia - The Wayward Wind Canadian
My Familiar Sky
Cori Brewster - Buffalo Street Canadian
Anyone Can Dream
The Marigolds - Thats the State I'm In Canadian
Gerry Griffin - Moment to Moment Canadian
Dublin Bay
Stephen Fearing - Out to Sea Canadian
Sweet Williams Ghost
Colette Cheverie - Hours before Dawn Canadian
John Showman - Showman Canadian
Soldier's Joy/Turkey in the Straw
John Showman - Showman Canadian
The Road to Picton
John Showman - Showman Canadian
Highway 105
John Allaire - Up Hill...Both Ways Canadian
Turn Your Radio On
Bec and Rusty - Tea for Two Canadian
Still A Fool
Roy Forbes - The Human Kind Canadian
Songs of William Hawkins - Dancing Alone Canadian
Dance Under the Moon
John Wort Hannam - Two Bit Suit Canadian
Happy Disposition
Derek Olive - Our Passing Ways Canadian