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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday June 19th, 2010 with Chopper
Interview with Terry Tufts

On Spanish Banks
Rick Taylor - Clown River Canadian
Better half
Brock Zeman & the dirty hands - Welcome Home Ivy Jane Canadian
Cotton Candy Man ( Hawkins )
Sandy Crawley - Dancing Alone Canadian
Your Loves Like Spring
Michelle Rasky - Your Loves Like Spring Canadian
Movie Scene
Ron Hynes - Ron Hynes Canadian
Low Coast Road
Ian Tamblyn - Gyre Canadian
The Honest Truth
Ray Harris - East end West End North End South end Canadian
This Chance
Peggy White - Falling Canadian
My Stars Your Eyes
James Gordon - My Stars Your Eyes Canadian
The Finest Kind
Stephen Fearing - Man Who Married Music Canadian
Mike the Pike
Chris Bartos - Fort William Canadian
Spit and Polish
Annie Lou - Annie Lou Canadian
The Whipperwill
Annie Lou - Annie Lou
Done My Time
annie Lou - Annie Lou
Awake Ye Drowsie Sleeper
Terry Tufts - The Better Fight Canadian
Dorval's Descent
Terry Tufts - Six Strings North of the Border vol.2 Canadian
Dirty Little War
Tery tufts - The Better fight Canadian New
Fly Away
Terry Tufts - The Better Fight Canadian New
Terry tufts - The Better Fight Canadian New