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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday April 5th, 2014 with Peter Simpson and Chris White
Her Harbour (Gabrielle Giguère), Matt Gower

Minimum Wage
John Allaire and the Confederation - Peace, Love and Understanding Canadian
Stay Free
Black Mountain - In the Future Canadian
On a Night Like This
Bob Snider - Stealin' Home Canadian
Welcome to My Heart
Eamon McGrath - 13 Songs of Whiskey and Light Canadian
Hawksley Workman - Uncut - White Riot, Volume 1 Canadian
It Is a Good Day to Die
Robbie Robertson - Music for the Nation Canadian
I Am An Excellent Steel Horse
Rock Plaza Central - Are We Not Horses Canadian
Tea and Cree Talking
Ghostkeeper - Ghostkeeper Canadian
Nathan Wiley - Bottom Dollar Canadian
This Age
Her Harbour - Winter's Ghosts Canadian
Gimme Mercury
North Lakes - Cobra Canadian
Green Bellows
Her Harbour - live in the studio Canadian
I Don't Drink in 3/4 Time
Ball & Chain and the Wreckers - Live at the Bayou Canadian
This Life
Shari Ulrich - Everywhere I Go Canadian New
45 Years from Now
Stan Rogers - Fogarty's Cove Canadian
Summer's End
Garnet Rogers - Summer's End Canadian New
The Maker
Daniel Lanois - Acadie Canadian
Linda Morrison - Line By Line Canadian
Tara Holloway - Out of Ottawa Canadian
Many Thanks
Kate Maki - Confusion Unlimited Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Peters brother Jamie
Any chance you have a copy of Million Dollar Weekend by Crowbar? It's almost impossible to find online. Thanks!

10:23 AM, April 5th, 2014
Kendra Day
Kendra is in the Raleigh area and we are requesting "You call it joggin'" by Mose Allison.

11:05 AM, April 5th, 2014
Rhonda McDonald
Hey Chris. Just listened to '45 Years' . Beautiful song - who is the artist and writer

11:27 AM, April 5th, 2014
Richard Spearman
Hey, Rhonda. The late Stan Rogers is the artist and writer of '45 Years.' All of his albums are available, and all are good.

11:42 AM, April 5th, 2014
Tim A
Hey guys - Could you please update your playlist? I don't see Sherry (?) or some of the others on this mornings' list. Great stuff!

11:44 AM, April 5th, 2014
When I heard the Robbie Robertson tune I at first thought it sounded like Ian Tamblyn (expecting this since he was on CBC Ottawa's early show today re his new four-coastline album). Please have Ian Tamblyn on soon and some of his tunes from this series. My favourite from Superior Spirit and Light is the one about the Group of Seven, in which they invoke the memory of Tom Thomson. Art, poetry, music and the Canadian landscape all celebrated at once!

11:53 AM, April 5th, 2014
Rhonda McDonald
I knew the song because Canadian Singer/Songwriter Dean Batstone from Almonte also sang that song on his album, "Love That Shine"

11:57 AM, April 5th, 2014
Hi Chris, Heard a Garnet Rogers song earlier this morning on Canadian Spaces which I liked, but had not heard previously. Could you remind me of its title -- can not seem to find it in Apr 5 playlist. Many thanks.

12:01 PM, April 5th, 2014
Shelley Ann Morris (host)
Hi Chris, Catching up with C.S. on Sunday morning. Thank goodness for On Demand!

10:53 AM, April 6th, 2014
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