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Canadian Spaces
Saturday March 9th, 2013 with Chopper McKinnon
Terry Gillespie, Ball & Chain, David Keeble, Tannis Slimmon

Canada Day Up Canada Way
Stompin' Tom Connors - Dr. Stompin' Tom Eh? Canadian
Lace and Pretty Flowers
John P. Allen - The Canadian Violin Canadian
Maple Syrup
Tamarack - Leaving Inverarden Canadian
Careful What You Wish For
Kevin Closs - Homecoming Canadian
Is It Raining at Your House
Cindy Church - Sad Songs Make Me Happy Canadian New
Sleeping in Clay
Willie P. Bennett - Sharpen the Plough Canadian
The Fortunate Few
Thom Swift - The Fortunate Few Canadian New
Box Man
The Fretless - Waterbound Canadian
So You Don't Believe in Magic
Dreamin' Ways - Love in a Hard World Canadian New
Coyote's Calling
James Gordon - Coyote's Calling Canadian New
Jay Aymar - Overtime Canadian New
Margo's Cargo
Stompin' Tom Connors - More of the Stompin' Tom Phenomenon Canadian
I Can't Remember the Blues
Terry Gillespie - Memphis Sampler Canadian
Phone interview with Terry Gillespie.
Trip to Restoule
Arnie Naiman and Chris Coole - Five Strings Atached, No Backing Canadian
Bob Snider - Caterwaul and Doggerel Canadian
Michael Ball and Jody Benjamin (Ball & Chain) in the studio.
La Danse Carree
Michael Ball and Jody Benjamin - live in studio Canadian
Blue Must Be the Colour of the Blues
Michael Ball and Jody Benjamin - live in studio Canadian
Madame Sostaine
Michael Ball and Jody Benjamin - live in studio Canadian
Love Bug
Ball & Chain - Louisiana Love Bug Canadian
David Keeble in the studio.
Maybe Freedom
David Keeble - live in studio Canadian
Ball in Play
David Keeble - live in studio Canadian
Vanishing Point
David Keeble - live in studio Canadian
Hey Hosanna
Tannis Slimmon - In and Out of Harmony Canadian New
Phone interview with Tannis Slimmon.
Interactive CKCU
Alex Golota
I was Stompin' Tom's stage manager in 1990 and 1991 and will be representing Ottawa at the Memorial Service on Wednesday in Peterborough.

10:53 AM, March 9th, 2013
Mary Gick
Thanks for playing La Danse Carree, my favourite Cajun tune, Michael and Jody! Hope your voice recovers soon Jody...

11:10 AM, March 9th, 2013
Heather Walsh
Hey guys, thanks for playing Dreamin' Ways today. We sure appreciate it!

2:09 PM, March 9th, 2013
Tannis Slimmon
Goodbye dear Chopper and thank you for your passionate support of folk music and musicians. Words can't express...

8:38 PM, March 14th, 2013
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