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Saturday Morning
Saturday March 25th, 2023 with Mike Regenstreif
"In the jingle jangle morning"

Mike Regenstreif hosts the March 25 edition of Saturday Morning, an eclectic journey through the world of roots music. Click on LISTEN NOW to hear this show. Click on LISTEN to hear the current CKCU broadcast.
Mr. Tambourine Man
The Brothers & Sisters - Dylan's Gospel - Columbia
Three songs in memory of Dane Lanken. Dane, an old friend and colleague in both music and journalism, died on March 3rd, at age 77.
Jigsaw Puzzle of Life
Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Tell My Sister: Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Nonesuch Canadian
No Biscuit Blues
Kate & Anna McGarrigle with Dane Lanken - Tell My Sister: Dancer with Bruised Knees - Nonesuch Canadian
Johnny's Gone to Hilo
Kate McGarrigle, Martha Wainwright & Lily Lanken with Anna McGarrigle, Rufus & Loudon Wainwright, Chaim Tannenbaum, and Dane & Sylvan Lanken - The McGarrigle Hour - Hannibal Canadian
Over in Verona
Rob Corcoran & The Necessary Evils - Grand Declarations - Rob Corcoran
I'm Not Your Romeo
Steve Lundquist - Acting a Fool - Steve Lundquist
Seeking Juliet
Lynne Hanson - Eleven Months - Lynne Hanson Canadian
500 Miles
Eric Bibb - Ridin' - Stony Plain New
In the Hills of Tennessee
Just Us Lillys - Not Far from the Tree - Just Us Lillys New
Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
Kerri Powers - Words on the Wind - Must Have Music
The Leaving
Tim Grimm - The Little In-Between - Vault New
Ain’t No More Cane on the Brazos
Chaim Tannenbaum - Chaim Tannenbaum - StorySound Canadian
Sugar Cane
Mary Gauthier - Live at Blue Rock - In the Black
Joshua Gone Barbados
Geoff Bartley - The Ballad of Billy Bridger - Magic Crow New
Bunny Barnes - It Goes Like It Goes - Bunny Barnes Canadian New
The Woman Who Pays – single
Connie Kaldor - The Woman Who Pays - Connie Kaldor Canadian New
Voilà le Printemps
Mary Beth Carty - Crossing the Causeway - Mary Beth Carty Canadian New
Red-Winged Blackbird
Amelia Hogan - Amelia Hogan - Amelia Hogan Canadian New
The Heron's Rookery
Vinta - Beacons - Vinta Canadian New
Woman of the House (featuring Rhiannon Giddens )
Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy - Canvas - Linus Canadian New
I Thank My Lucky Stars
Karan Casey - Nine Apples of Gold - Crow Valley Music New
Happiness Is
Jason Lang - Handled with Care - Famgroup/Genison Music Canadian New
Diamonds on the Water
Penny Lang - Stone + Sand + Sea + Sky - Borealis Canadian
My Time is Gonna Come
Ball & Chain & The Wreckers - Satisfied - Moo Music Canadian New
New Way Home
Rebecca Folsom - Sanctuary - Sunshine Productions New
Children of Darkness
Ben & Dom - His Head Lies Heavy - Ben & Dom New
Beyond the Great Pause
Doug Cox & Linda McRae - Beyond the Great Pause - 42 RPM Canadian New
Slow and Steady
Eric Erickson - The Shadow of the Moon - Ardith Recordings
How Can I Say This
Annie Capps - How Can I Say This? - Yellow Room New
She Do
Eric Kilburn - Reckonings - Wellspring New
Big Bad Bill is Sweet William Now
Dakota Dave Hull - Better Late Than Never: The Classic American Guitar-Banjo - Arabica New
Dr. Joelson’s Bag
Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt - Hello World - Crooked Cyclone New
Peter Amberley
Bonnie Dobson - At Folk City - Prestige Canadian
Those Were the Days
The Clancy Brothers & Robbie O’Connell - Older but No Wiser - Vanguard
Hwy 105
Lynn Miles - tumbleWeedyWorld - True North Canadian New
T-Bone Steak and Spanish Wine
Tom Russell - October in the Railroad Earth - Frontera
Come Along
Keith Glass Band - Different World - Stump Canadian
Hurt So Long
Rick Scott & Nico Rhodes - Roots & Grooves - Grand PooBah Music Canadian
Free Fall
Shari Ulrich - Everywhere I Go - Borealis Canadian
Hanging on Your Door
Derek Vanderhorst - Wildflower - Derek Vanderhorst New
Before Everything Changed
Scarlet Rivera - Tribute to a Song Poet: Songs of Eric Andersen - Y&T Music
Cursing at the Night & at the Morning
My Politic - Missouri Folklore: Songs & Stories from Home - My Politic New
Calico Curtains
Marilyn Jordan - Both Things are True - Marilyn Jordan New
Firen Di Mekhutonim Aheym
The Klezmorim - First Recordings - Arhoolie
Interactive CKCU
Derek Vanderhorst
Man thanks for giving my track hanging on your door some love - means so much - I saw Charles bukowski read his poetry in San Francisco years ago and this is inspired by one of his poems

1:43 PM, March 20th, 2023
Mike Regenstreif (host)
Thanks Derek. I didn't realize the Bukowski connection.

11:03 PM, March 20th, 2023
Gros Merci!!!✊

9:56 AM, March 25th, 2023
Mike Regenstreif (host)
Thanks Hillbilly.

9:59 AM, March 25th, 2023
Oh!! Luv Bukowski!! The Mighty IS Bukowski!! You just DO it!;-)🌹

10:00 AM, March 25th, 2023
Derek Vanderhorst
An American icon for sure

12:29 PM, March 25th, 2023