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Saturday Morning
Saturday March 4th, 2023 with Pat Moore
Music to start your Weekend off on the right note! Everything from jazz to singer songwriter...

Today I have a number of fun selections I haven't played on the show before, and I'll take you on a varied musical journey. Hour 3 will be a focus on Wakefield and area, with a conversation with Robert Clarke and Kate Greenland about their new weekly (Tuesdays) music series "The Folk Collusion" at Le Hibou on the main street of this beautiful village - and many songs from a rich selection of musicians who live right there, in this cluster of amazing artists. I didn't even have time to include everyone...
Lemon Twist
Linda Carone - Lemon Twist Canadian New
Don’t Be ON the Outside
Linda Carone - Lemon Twist Canadian New
Ain’t Nobody’s Business
Ella Fitzgerald feat. Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five - CABU Jazz Masters - Une Anthologie 1948-1955
Can Anyone Explain?
Ella Fitzgerald - CABU Jazz Masters - Une Anthologie 1948-1955
When You Smile
Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly
Worn out Records
The Weber Brothers - Acüstica Canadian
Silver Linings
Tyler Kealey - Single Canadian
Danny Boy
Eva Cassidy - The Best of
The Parting Glass
The Wailin’ Jennys - 40 Days Canadian
Stayed in the Wagon Yard
J.E. Mainer - Old Time Mountain Music
Lovesick Blues
Hank Williams - The Garden Spot
Farther Along
Ralph Stanley (featuring Lucinda Williams) - Clinch Mountain Sweethearts
Crawdad Song
Washboard Hank - Human Beans Canadian
You Taught Me How to Lose
Jerry Douglas & Peter Rowan - Yonder
Sun’s Gonna Shine in My Back Door Someday
Dave Evans & River Bend - The Best of the Vetco Years
This last song for hour 1 is from the David Grisman album, Home is Where the Heart is. On Family Day this year at Bluegrass Mondays the Barell Boys were performing and Kyle Kirkpatrick said he wished he knew all the words to I Am My Own Grandpaw, given it was family day and all. Well Kyle, this is for you.
I am My Own Grandpa
David Grisman - Home is Where the Heart is
End of Hour 1
Hour 2 - Starts with Songs from Canoesongs Volume 1, then moves on to some Bluegrass and Country flavours.
Canoe Song
Connie Kaldor - Canoesongs Volume 1 Canadian
La V;la M’Aimie
Tanglefoot - Canoesongs Volume 1 Canadian
River Mend My Heart
Nancy White - Canoesongs Volume 1 Canadian
The Old Cedar Strip
Gordon James - Canoesongs Volume 1 Canadian
When I First Stepped in a Canoe
Shelley Posen - Canoesongs Volume 1 Canadian
Campfire Light
Ian Tamblyn - Canoesongs Volume 1 Canadian
Woodsmoke & Oranges
Three Sheets to the Wind - Canoesongs Volume 1 Canadian
Never See Your Face Again
Tammy Fassaert - Just Passin’ Through Canadian
You Shouldn’t Have Told Me That
Tammy Fassaert - Just Passin’ Through Canadian
Gunshots and Forget-Me-Nots
The Barrel Boys - Early On Canadian
Wishing Well Blues
Concession 23 - the Walls Around You Canadian
The Boy in the Gap / the Banshee / Music in the Glen
Barde (with Chris Crilly) - BARDE Canadian
I Miss the City
Whitehorse - I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying Canadian New
Broken Cowboy
the Dead South - Sugar & Joy Canadian
Ball and Chain - new release (title?) Canadian New
End of Hour 2
Hour 3 takes us up river to the beautiful village of Wakefield and area, and celebrates the rich musical culture highlighting a new series on the scene there, at Le Hibou, as you'll hear in my conversation with Robert Clarke and Kate Greenland, organizers and hosts of The Folk Collusion, every Tuesday evening starting at 7pm.
Heads I Win, Tales You Lose
Riverbend - Car Stories Canadian
Break Free
Phil Jenkins - Noteworthy Canadian
Don’t Ring Me Up
The Rizdales - Radio Country Canadian
Interview with Rob and Kate
Time By The Moon
Kate Weeks - Better Days Ahead Canadian New
Scandalous Girl
Luther Wright - Man of Your Dreams Canadian
Get Ready for Dancing
Tractor - Tractor Canadian
The Spider and the Lovers
Alise Marlane - Room for Less Canadian
Sleeping in Dublin
Doug McArthur - the Horses of the Sea Canadian
Magic of the Moment
Bob Webb - Single Canadian
Rising Sun
Chloe Laberge - Single Canadian New
Puppy Doggone Blues
Kate Greenland - I’ve Got a Bulldog Canadian
Your Love
Julie Corrigan - new single Canadian New
Cold Hearted Man
Pat Moore & The Vinyl Frontier * included in the ON DEMAND show only - Take it to Heart Canadian
I’m Satisfied with You
Ball & Chain - pre-release Canadian New
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