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Saturday Morning
Wednesday March 25th, 2020 with Pat Moore
Special Edition - This show is recorded for the Covid-19 days. All local talent here. (Local defined as from Ottawa and a radius of about 200km. About. About that far.

Ball and Chain - . Canadian
Western Lodge
Tom Lips - Made of Sky Canadian
Marylou in Burgundy
Terry Tufts - Two Nights Solo Canadian
Warmer than Ulaanbaatar
Jim McINtyre - Postcards from Bytown Canadian
Different Ways
Ken Workman - Cold Canadian Nights Canadian
Let Me Make it UP to You Tonight
Tracy Brown - Alone Canadian
When Sorrows Encompass Me Round
Kaia Kater - Sorrow Bound Canadian
Whose Idea Was it Anyway
Lynne Harrison - Something More Canadian
Letter to Marie
Doug McArthur - The Horses of the Sea Canadian
I Will
Lynn Miles - Fall for Beauty Canadian
Jimmy's Room
Melwood Cutlery - Campfire Canadian
Awake, My Own True Lover
Tailhard Frost - As the Crow Flies Canadian
I Dared Myself
Chas Guay - Promises Canadian
Blame it on the Devil
The Lynnes - Heartbreak Song for the Radio Canadian
The Junk Man's Singing
Vince Halfhide - Vince Halfhide Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Pat Moore (host)
Hey everyone, This is Pat Moore, and You’re listening to CKCU FM 93.1., also heard at We here at CKCU would like to thank you for your continued support of our station – your station, because this is community radio. These past few weeks have been difficult for everyone. Staff and volunteers at CKCU have been working behind the scenes to figure out the safest way to bring you what we do best – radio programming for all. Although we are still in a situation of suspended regular programming, we are going to do our best to bring you the variety you are used to hearing – but it won’t be live, and it may not be at the time of day you are used to. You can listen in real time to what we are broadcasting, or you can visit our on demand page and listen to past programs – and , this is really exciting – soon you will also be able to listen to new programming through the on demand portal. For the next hour or so, I’m going to bring you music of local musicians. By local I generally mean anyone from the core of Ottawa and a couple hundred km radius. So, here we go – enjoy!

3:16 PM, March 26th, 2020
Just the mellow music we needed to calm us down a little. And, we are all junk men now as we spend so much time just cleaning out our houses. Thanks for the music.

5:43 PM, March 26th, 2020
Hi Annmarie - thanks! take care.

10:58 AM, March 27th, 2020
Mel Hucul
Wow, thanks Pat for your part in delivering this much-needed good "news"!!

2:50 PM, March 27th, 2020