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Friday Drive
Friday August 13th, 2021 with Trevor Walker
[West Coast Diggz Part 1]

Happy Friday “Drivers”! Last weekend I had the good fortune to visit the West Coast for a gig I’ve been looking forward to for more than 20 years and had met up with my brother from another mother Scott Arkwell aka Vinyl Ritchie. Super talented DJ based out west with impeccable taste and skills. He was kind enough to take me digging around the Vancouver vinyl shops. The digs we’re deep and good enough to fill a few Friday Drives but I think we’ll limit it to two. This will be part one. If you take a peek in the “Friday Drive” archive you can catch an episode where Vinyl Ritchie did a killer guest spot dropping some serious science, mos definitely worth a listen! link: Big love to all the people I met out west and hoping for cooler wetter weather to quell the fires. Thanks for taking the time to tune in and read this far! Extra curriculars: Saturday! Ottawa Tool Library Grand Reopening! 🚀 We invite our friends and neighbours to join us in our new space on August 14th! The Ottawa Tool Library (OTL) will be hosting a community celebration and open house on August 14th to showcase our new location and all the OTL has to offer. It will feature tours, activities, refreshments, and music by DJ Trevor Walker. There will also be discounts on annual memberships and merchandise and free knife sharpening for members! • What: OTL Grand Reopening! • When: Saturday, August 14, 2021, from 2pm to 5pm • Where: Ottawa Tool Library (877a Boyd Ave) Live streaming Thursdays + Saturdays 20h EST barring any real life gigs. Playlisted audio archive of past streams, mixtapes and live gigs available on my MixCloud and SoundCloud pages.
Bere Na Akwa Na
Cardinal Rex Lawson & His Rivers Men - Rex Lawson’s Victories Vol 2 Album - Akpola
Black Plight
Truths & Rights - Single - Rhythm Discs Canadian
Kamo Kamo
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Special Edition Part 1 Album - The Drop
Bboy Trombone
Wicked Lester - Single - Bubbascope Canadian
Bat Beach Show
MC God & The People’s Band - “Taste me…” Album - Popular African Music
Fire In Soweto
Sonny Okosun - Album - Oti
Selfish Gene
Jimi Tenor Tony Allen - Inspiration Information Album - Strut
Salif Keita Ambassadeur International - Manju Album - Celuloid
River Come Down
Count Owen - Rock Steady Calypso Album - Federal
King Of Latin Soul (Hubbz Mix)
Lospoboycitos - Single - Bubbascope Canadian
Goyito Sabater
El Gran Combo - Nuestro Aniversario Album - Combo Records
end of first broadcast hour
Sun Ra - Sun Ra Centennial 1914-2014 - Prophetika Memorial Souvenir Single - Kicks Books
El Negrito
El Gran Combo - Nuestro Aniversario Album - Combo Records
No Quiero Problemas
Oscar D’Leon - Oscar D’Leon Presenta… La Critica Album - Top Hits
Lupo El Fantastico
El Lupo - Lupo El Fantastico - Cotique
Cumbia De Mi Tierra
Los Guacharacos de Columbia - La Novia de Los Kiss Album - Eco
Franco Et Josky Kiambukuta Du T.P.O.K. Jazz - Tout Feu Tout Flamme Album - Choc
Children’s Song
The Third Eye - Single - Lemar
Osima Owuari
Cardinal Rex Lawson & His Rivers Men - Rex Lawson’s Victories Vol 2 Album - Akpola
Strawberry Letter 23
The Brothers Johnson - Single - A&M
Ms Jackson
Outkast - Single - LaFace Records
Pretty Brown Skin
Edwin Birdsong - What It Is Album - Polydor
Al Allen & Co. - Single - Quantum Records
Fré Moin
Cap’tain Creole - Single RE - BeauMonde Records
Special How Ya Do
Central Groove - Single - Vanguard
Interactive CKCU
Trevor Walker (host)
TGIF Drive! Hope you enjoy this week's ride. Happy listening!

12:09 PM, August 13th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
Nice to find out about Rex Lawson. Always learning about music with your show. Thanks.

5:06 PM, August 13th, 2021
Trevor Walker (host)
Happy Friday robert p! It makes it all worth it to be able to introduce new music especially when it’s old! Thanks for always taking the time and your comments. Cheers

5:08 PM, August 13th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
It must have been a wonderful experience to DJ in that area of BC. Salmo. I did a bit of treeplanting around there 1985-1992... Beautiful country. Nice people.

5:24 PM, August 13th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
MC God & People's Band ! Love the vibe. Thanks.

5:26 PM, August 13th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
Groovilicious !

5:53 PM, August 13th, 2021
Trevor Walker (host)
robert p it was truly magical and must have been amazing back in the '80's. Expect more MC God in the next couple of weeks.

6:09 PM, August 13th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
Great finds ! Fun program. Thanks.

6:49 PM, August 13th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
BC was beautiful in the 80s. But i think that people are more aware these days. Music and information is more widely available. I saw some great shows in Van city.

7:43 PM, August 13th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
Worked all over southern BC...

7:44 PM, August 13th, 2021
Trevor Walker (host)
robert p sounds like a dream job at least for the scenery. Tragic what's going on at the moment out west.

12:51 AM, August 15th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
Yes. Tragic. The natural surroundings are so varied. It was great to work outside. I worked on Vancouver Island, Queen Charlotte Islands, beautiful scenery. First job, Nimpkish Valley, the foreman told me that people pay money to be in such a place... The Kootenays, Salmo, i heard referred to as being God's country. On the coast, the only place on earth where there is a temperate rainforest. Impressive.

6:23 PM, August 15th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
Working outside, you really felt like you were inside a living being. In the spring, you could experience the 4 seasons in the course of a day. You had to be prepared. I also picked apples for a short while...

6:30 PM, August 15th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
I actually saw a cougar, outside Port Alice, Vancouver Island. We were driving on a logging road. For a split second... On the road, then it disappeared in the bush.

7:57 PM, August 15th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
I am a city boy. Always lived in the city. At that time, i was living in downtown Montreal (Chinatown). To see a cougar or mountain lion in the wild, was an experience.

9:05 PM, August 15th, 2021
Trevor Walker (host)
robert p, I'm with you! I'm a country boy in a city boy's life, is the way I sometimes feel. Sounds like you've had some amazing experiences out west!

1:24 PM, August 16th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
Some special moments... mostly working on a clear-cut everyday. I am listening to music i downloaded from the blog Les mains noires. I got the info from Canicule tropicale, The Goods, CKUT, Mtl. French guys go to the Caribbean and buy music. Their finds are posted on their blog, as mixes or compilations. Available to stream or download. For free. Lots of old recordings, biguine and the like. Also African music. Sound isn't too bad.

5:40 PM, August 18th, 2021
Trevor Walker (host)
robert p, Canicule Tropicale, The Goods & numerous shows on CKUT are absolute treasures. You'll probably dig this coming week's show.

8:56 PM, August 18th, 2021