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Friday Drive
Friday March 5th, 2021 with Trevor Walker
[Jazz Afro & Funk]

I love week's like this when a show somehow comes together almost as if it had a mind of it's own. Digging into some killer spiritual jazz from "Work, Money, Death" on the ATA record label to kick things off and keeping jazzy funky with a nod to Bunny Wailer and some funk to round out the first hour. In the second hour we'll be taking a bit of a retro trip to the west of the mother continent with some Afrobeat, Afro funk, Juju and HiLife coming back full circle ending on a funk/ P-Funk tip. Enjoy the ride!
Work, Money, Death - The Space In Which The Uncontrollable Unknown Resides, Can Be The Place From Which Creation Arises Album - ATA Records New
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